8/23 Happy anniversary

Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary of when Mike Quade took over as manager of the Cubs. The team finished the 2010 season 24-13 under Quade, but stumbled this season, and are 56-72 and 20 games back in the NL Central following Monday’s 3-0 loss to the Braves. It was a game that summed up the season — decent pitching (Ryan Dempster picked up his team-leading 16th quality start), three 1-2-3 innings by relievers James Russell, Jeff Samardzija and Kerry Wood, and inconsistent offense (15 base runners stranded).

There have been a lot of distractions this season, from injuries to Carlos Zambrano’s criticism and retirement, to Jim Hendry’s dismissal. Quade’s status for next year is uncertain. He is signed through 2012 but whether he stays will be a decision left to the new GM.

“When the team is not doing good, they always blame somebody,” Alfonso Soriano said. “Sometimes they blame the manager and sometimes they blame the GM but they never blame the players. That’s the game. If we’re doing good, everyone feels that [Quade] is doing a very good job.”

— Carrie Muskat


It’s when players are performing poorly yet keep their every day positon, that’s when manager’s get questioned. Quade is no exception. Also when GM’s obtain miserable players year after year as Hendry did (DID! Awwsome!), with few exceptions, thinking they will suddenly blossom regardless of lack of talent or past signs of trouble (Bradley) then they to will get questioned and some get FIRED, regardless of how great a guy they may be. Next year may see Quade go from being questioned to being fired as well. That’s for the NEW GM to figure out. A great off-season is just around the corner.

He should have never made it a year, he is in way over his head, and he doesn’t know what he is doing. Sorry to be so blunt, but he has proven time and time again that he just is not cut out for this. He won’t use his young players, and when he does he bashes them; yet vets get away with murder. It’s a shame that he says he has been watching Castro all season, and yet if it wasn’t for Valentine pointing out Castro’s lack of focus the other night, he wouldn’t have even noticed! So Castro got benched, he needed a day off; but that still goes back to vets not being held accountable. How many times have we watched Byrd swing at the first pitch hit a rally killing inning ending double play? How many times have we seen Soriano watch a double turn into a single? Or what about the numerous times we have seen Pena come up empty in the four hole (.169 w/risp)? Ramirez hit cleanup the first two months even though he was sucking it up, and the list goes on. So seriously, why the double standards. I don’t care how embarrassing it would be to call out the vets, they are being paid, quite well by the way, to lead by example and perform to the highest standards. Yet we have to watch them dog it, and hear about how the young players need to learn and start getting better. Quade doesn’t have a clue.

Well hopefully around Sep next yr. it will be a different anniversary for him… No offense, nice guy, but a change needs to be made..

You guys are spot on.
But I must respectfully disagree with your assessment of Byrd, although he is by far NOT the run producing player OR the speedy lead-off man the Cubs have sorely needed in the outfield for most of Hendry’s, oops…I mean the FIRED Hendry’s tenure he is one of the few Cubs that puts forth a hustling effort ALL THE TIME and at least has good batting average. Byrd would be a nice fourth outfielder on a contending team. So he is just one of Hendry’s oops…I mean the FIRED Hendry’s “poor man’s” version of a stud player, similar to the overpaid Pena at first base. Similar but a better all around value to a team.
The next GM should realize Byrd is good….but just isn’t the impact player needed in CF.
Pena’s batting average and batting average w/ risp along with his 10 mil is just wasting a chance for player developent/assessment (LaHair?) and payroll. But these confounding, feeble attempts of assembling a very good roster are now behind us as HENDRY IS FINALLY GONE. Vindication.

I can agree with you on Byrd being a fourth outfielder. I just get tired of seeing him swing at the first pitch and killing a rally all the time, he’s just not clutch. He does hustle and give it his all, all of the time though, and is a good mentor for the younger kids (that need to be called up and given a shot). And yes, you are definitely right about Pena, I don’t care about his homers, because they are usually solo, he just can’t hit clutch, which is not acceptable from the cleanup spot, shouldn’t be anyway. Bringing up Lahair would make since because he is just too old to be sitting in AAA knocking the ball around, at least give him a shot. If he can’t hack, then you cut him. Also, that would allow Ridling to move up to AAA, and see if he can progress. I’ve seen him play and he is a beast, I really don’t see why people don’t think more highly of him. At least this scenario would let us see what Lahair and Ridling both have, its definitely better than watching Pena take a third called strike when they need a big hit.

Exactly…it’s called player development (position players), something that was lacking under Hendry. I know we have Soto, Castro & Barney as regular players from the system but Soto has to be considered somewhat of a dissapointment and for some reason this team is in love with Hill, blocking even more progression (how about Castillo SHARING time with Soto and giving him a run for the starter job instead of Hill wasting space?). Barney was an after thought as Hendry traded for and counted on DeWitt to start at second, only Barney’s superior skills upset the Hendry juggernaut roster. SURPRISE HENDRY. Castro seems to be the only legit prospect with staying power, once he improves his defense that is. So it appears that the jury has ruled on Hendry’s ability to promote the right people by design…and so has Ricketts.

Indeed, there is no reason Hill should have a job. I hear he’s nice guy, but that doesn’t earn him a spot in my book. He’s supposed to be a defensive wiz, but he’s not that great behind the plate. And you are exactly right about Castillo, he has proven that he needs a shot, and Clevenger is not far behind him.

Right! Clevenger and Castillo….waiting for Hill to retire or what? This will all change next season, I bet.

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