8/24 Pena reportedly claimed on waivers

Carlos Pena has reportedly been claimed on waivers by an unidentified team, according to reports. ESPN’s Buster Olney reported Pena was selected on Wednesday. However, FOX Sports Ken Rosenthal said a deal is unlikely to happen. Pena has $5 million of his total $10 million contract deferred until January 2012. Rosenthal reported if a trade occurred, the Cubs would pay a pro-rated portion of the contract, and nearly all of the money. Not many teams would want to take on $6 million for the final five weeks.

Pena, 33, who signed a one-year deal with the Cubs last December, was batting .222 with 23 homers and 67 RBIs, and he leads the team in walks. He’s reached the 20-homer mark for the fifth straight season.

The Cubs are not set at first base for next season, even though Bryan Lahair, 28, is on a roll, batting .335 with 34 home runs and 100 RBIs at Triple-A Iowa. LaHair, who went 4-for-5 on Tuesday with four doubles and five RBIs, also has 37 doubles, a .411 on-base percentage and 103 strikeouts. He was expected to be called up in September and get a chance to prove himself at the big league level.

— Carrie Muskat


It makes absolutely no sense to keep Pena around. He can’t hit, his so called great fielding hasn’t been the best, he is anti-clutch, he makes too much money, the list could go on.

Really Carrie? He will be given a chance to prove himself in the major leagues? That would mean PLAYING TIME. I would give Quade a lot of credit if HE was the one to decide LaHair plays while Pena sits opposed to Bush dealing Pena in a waiver deal. However, if Bush pulls a deal off and eats the majority of the bad money I would give him credit for having the stones to pin another “loss” on Hendry’s resume. Pena has proven what he can do in the major leauges and it certainly isn’t worth the 10 million Hendry blindly gave him because he was caught with his pants down regarding developing a first baseman. The off season cant’ start soon enough with a new GM.

Exactly, there is no reason Pena should be in the Cubs future plans. He is a platoon player being paid like a superstar. Either call up LaHair and let him play or move Colvin to first and bring up Jackson. Heck, I would even rather see LaMahieu playing first. He may not have much pop, but last season he only had 2 hr and still had over 70 rbi, that is clutch! There is just no reason they can give me that Pena should still be a Cub right now, or after this season.

I’m dissappointed Bush didn’t send Pena packing to NY, either way the Cubs are stuck with the five million owed him come January when he won’t even be playing. They should have let him go just to open up first base for ANYBODY to stake a claim at 1B for next season so they have a better feel about entering the Fielder derby. And now Quade has just one more veteran to “respect” while dismissing the chance to either develop Colvin at 1B, making room for Jackson or seeing what LaHair has to offer. But no, business as usual and we will continue to see what Pena has to offer???? Duh, as if we don’t already know.
I’m just going to go with the fact Ricketts DID FIRE hendry and wait patiently for a new GM that may have an acutal PLAN.

If not trading Pena why put him on waivers? Can you help explain? Thanks

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