8/25 Cubs lineup

Marlon Byrd is back in the Cubs lineup for the series finale against the Braves Thursday. Matt Garza, who did not get a decision in a game against the Braves on Aug. 14, will face Brandon Beachy at Wrigley Field. Alfonso Soriano was hit by a pitch on the right forearm. We’ll see if that’s why he’s not starting or if it’s just a day off after a night game. Byrd, who is 3-for-20 on this homestand, did not start Wednesday. Here’s the lineup:

SS Castro

2B Barney

3B Ramirez

1B Pena

LF Johnson

CF Byrd

RF Colvin

C Soto

P Garza

— Carrie Muskat


I guess it would make too much sense to leave Campana in on a regular basis to see what he has to offer the team. We know he can come in and pinch run, but why not see if he can be a regular? What is there to lose, the season is already lost and this would be the time to see what the young guys offer.

Sam Fuld syndrome, I guess. It has already been determined that Campana would be “overexposed” if played regularly. What a bunch of brainiacs. I would understand not playing Campana everyday if we had AWESOME veterans…BUT WE DON’T. Even if Campana doesn’t hit well or consistantly he certainly puts pressure on the infield defense on just about ANY ground ball or chopper. We have seen it twice this past week with him getting on base via a pressure induced error because of his speed. We are keeping spots open for the likes of Byrd and Soriano? Both have a chance of not even being starters next year depending on the new field manager. Even though Colvin needs playing time I have to wonder why he gets the nod over Campana…at this point. And I was a Colvin fan too. It’s a shame “they” screwed him up because of the allegience to two headed Hendry/Fukodome monster in RF. All water under the bridge now. WE’LL HAVE A NEW GM SOON! And HOW could this new GM possibly entertain the idea of going to the playoffs with an aging butcher in LF, a non-run producer at 1B and a weak RBI guy in CF?
I am of course assuming the next GM will be smarter than Hendry….doh! The best GM this team has had so far is the DL. I guess we have to wait for injuries to decide the call ups instead of by design.

Does Quade not see the energy that Campana brings to the line up? An almost given that he gets a triple when he gets on.

Why put Pena on waivers if not gong to trade him?

It appears the mindset of Hendry has left it’s mark. A total exorcism may be in order.
How can this team possibly consider Pena an option for 2012? But maybe we are jumping to conclusions and making more of this than we should. The new GM isn’t even in place yet so I think we can cut some slack to whoever is currently in charge and just sit back and wait for the new GM to arrive and the heads to roll….hopefully Quade’s will be the first as stated in the SunTimes today.

I don’t mind Byrd… he can hit 300 at least… sure he doesn’t drive in RBIs but thats not what a CF does… he gets on base and can hit and plays good defense. I am so ticked we didn’t get rid of Pena…. if he is the 1B next year I will be a Rangers fan. plain and simple…. I am sick of this Ricketts

That’s about all we can aspire for these days in the after-math of Hendry’s regime…NOT MINDING a player. Sad. Byrd is acceptable as a fourth outfielder or possibly an everyday left fielder on a team with a lot of punch. I’ll take him any day and everyday over Soriano. But although what Petrey said is true and I agree, Byrd lacks the speed and lead-off qualities a non-run producing CENTERfielder must have.

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