8/26 Cubs lineup

Reed Johnson and Jeff Baker, who are batting .355 and .340, respectively, against left-handers, are in the Cubs’ lineup Friday for the first game of a three-game set against the Brewers and southpaw Randy Wolf. Here’s the rest of the lineup:

SS Castro

2B Barney

3B Ramirez

1B Baker

C Soto

CF Byrd

LF Soriano

RF Johnson

P Lopez

— Carrie Muskat


The fact that Quade continues to play older backup guys over younger players, just because they are good versus lefties, shows that he has no interest in doing what is best for the future. This is just mind boggling. At this point in the season it does not matter that Johnson and Baker are good against lefties, you have Colvin and Campana who need to play to see if they are legit everyday players. I never thought I would hate someone as much as I did Hendry, but Quade is just as bad if not worse. I hope this horrible experiment with him as manager ends soon.

The omission of Pena vs. lefthanders such as in tonight’s game is an admission by Quade that Pena can’t hit lefties AT ALL (despite a homer or two vs. lefites) and validates his NOT returning next season. The Pena love-fest must stop before somebody does something stupid like sign him for 2012 or beyond because he has good character and looooooves putting on a Cub uniform. Pena knows where his bread is buttered and also that contending, serious teams won’t entertain the notion of paying him to bat .220, leave runners in scoring position by droves, and amass stirke outs. He’ll pander to the Cubs/Ricketts until the cows come home. Let’s hope the new GM doesn’t fall for the Cubbie devotion displayed of late by Pena and waste an opportunity to get Fielder OR if they are to re-build go with Colvin or some other player worthy of A CHANCE.

Jason, Quade mistakenly thinks he “‘owes” it to the teams challenging the Brewers to play the best players in order to beat the Brewers. What he fails to understand is THERE’S NO BIG DIFFERENCE anyway. It’s not like Johnson and Baker are the second coming of Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth, right? He is the wrong man for the job and is just setting back the development of young players prohibiting the new GM to evalute what these kids could do if GIVEN PLAYING time. At this point who cares if Johnson and Baker (two role players) help beat the Brewers who have a COMMANDING lead over St. Lous as it is? Quade over thinks and considers himself to be such a strategist while coming off as a buffoon. But what does one expect? Afer all he was hand picked by a BAD GM over Sandberg. What a clean up job the new GM will have to do because of Hendry.

Indeed, you are exactly right. The only people he owes anything to are the fans of the Cubs. We are the ones that follow the team, and at this point the Brewers are close to being a lock. Even if they weren’t, it still should be the time for young evaluations. Remember Quade, these are the same vets that dug this hole!

Welll…not THE SAME vets (I think Soriano, Fukodome, Pena and to some extent Byrd with his lack of run production dug the hole) all 4 players do not belong on this team in this capacity…if Quade played Johnson over Soriano or Fukodome on a regular basis and played Baker over Pena vs ALL LEFTIES I think the hole wouldn’t be as deep? Nahhh….it’s all a moot point the way Hendry decimated and handicapped this club the past few years. The chief hole digger with the golden spade was Hendry. Thank goodnes Ricketts did something.

Yep, let’s just hope he actually does get someone with a clue. I agree with the idea of playing Baker versus all lefties, but that just brings back the fact that Hendry once again over spent on the glorified platoon player that Pena really is, he’s just so darn nice though lol.

somebody in the organization has to step up and tell quade to quit wasting valuable innings by playing the veterans. It makes no sense.

Jason, “glorified platoon player”, that’s pretty good and pretty much a pattern of Hendry’s and his manager’ over the years. There always seemed to be a lack of solid players that a manager would not even be tempted to platoon. To Hendry’s credit he managed to get two in Ramirez and Lee but his handling of the outfield always was suspect if not lame leading the manager to consistantly “mix n’ match”. Except in the case of Soriano, his albatross-like contract and perceived status as a superstar (NOT) gets him consistant starts in LF. A rookie with the same low batting average and horrible defense would easily be platooned with another player, but not the great Soriano that Hendry handicapped us with.

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