8/28 Callups, Campy & Barney, and Ramy

Interim GM Randy Bush, Mike Quade and player development director Oneri Fleita will meet Friday in Chicago to discuss which players will be added when rosters expand Sept. 1. The Cubs’ Minor League teams wrap up their seasons next weekend. Among the players expected to be added are first baseman Bryan LaHair, who was batting .330 with 36 homers and 105 RBIs for Triple-A Iowa.

* One thing Quade would like to see by both Tony Campana and Darwin Barney is to be more selective at the plate and take advantage of their speed. That means they have to get on base.

“I think a huge thing for ‘Campy’ down the road is to get stronger,” Quade said Sunday. “Don’t touch his legs but if he can get stronger, he can drive the ball a little more. If he can get the outfield to respect his swing and do some things, that will be huge.”

Quade also told Barney in Spring Training that the second baseman will thrive if he can lay off the high fastballs.

“His swing is good enough,” Quade said of Barney. “If he can add that discipline on a regular basis, it will put him in favorable counts and keep the ball out of the air. He’s such a good mid-thigh, low-ball hitting guy.”

* Aramis Ramirez leads the Major Leagues with a .427 batting average in August while teammate Reed Johnson is fifth at .400. Ramirez is tied for tops among any Cubs player in the month of August, dating to 1946. Shawon Dunston batted .427 in August 1991; Bill Madlock hit .425 in August 1975; and Manny Trillo hit .409 in august 1986.

— Carrie Muskat


Gee “Mikey” or “Quady” or whatever YOUR nickname is maybe you can think about PLAYING Campana a lttle more often so he can get a CHANCE to improve. We all know what Soriano and Byrd bring to the game, get “Campy” in there at lead off and SEE if he can improve and contribute in that role next season. Just a thought. Can’t improve if left on the bench so Soriano can pad his stats in a feeble attempt to justify the Hendry approved contract, that shipped sailed. Call up the kids so they can get an at bat or two or warm the bench? Soriano and Pena should be warming the bench as should Soto for Wellington Castillo. Earth to “Quady”, Earth to “Quady”…your team is bad and is out of it, play the kids, it’s the only thing you can do to help the next GM and manager. The handwriting is on the wall, your 15 minutes is about up.

Yeah, it’s funny he mentions that he wants Campana to get better, yet he refuses to play him! How can he seriously expect him to get any better from the bench?

After watching Campana warming up with Byrd on both 8/27 and 8/28 in Milwaukee, you see a “kid” that looks so excited about being in the big league. He has a decent arm and great spirit. I feel he can be the prototypical leadoff hitter that disrupts the game and keeps the opposing pitcher from overwhelming the start of the game. Soriano should be benched. If not in left, its better to put Campana in right than letting the .151 average of Colvin take up space. How many times does a batter have to start off 0-2 and strikeout, before Quady makes a change??? Castro should be moved back to batting third. Put the guys in spots where they should be playing in the future. If Lahair is whacking the ball that good in AAA, bring him up. Let Pena sit next to him and earn his $10M helping prep Brian on how to make it in the Bigs.
How is Sandberg doing in Lehigh Valley?? How about 16 games over .500!! That would be alot more respectable than where we are today.

Speaking of Sandberg I’m wondering if Carrie can supply Quade’s minor league record as manager (total games, wins, losses) vs. Sandberg’s? I know that Quade had some good years while managing some minor league teams but he was chosen over Sandberg based on what? The longevity of his minor league managing career or the SUCCESS of his minor league managing career? Was he rewarde with the manager’s job because of his long history of being an employee of the Cubs over Sandberg? Wasn’t Sandberg an employee longer than Quade considering his playing career and his minor league managing career? This Quade over Sandberg choice is so typical of Hendry’s lack of reason and foresight. SO GLAD THIS WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE SWEPT HENDRY AWAY.

How can Campy give Quaded what he wants from the bench?????

The geniuses left in the wake of Hendry are getting together to figure out which players to call up. Certainly not to help the major league team challenge for a play-off run. So, if not to help during a play-off run they can only be called up for EVALUATION, which can be de-railed by “Quad’s” misguided attempt of winning meaningless games and basking in the spotlight as one of the “big boy” managers. He’s loving his 15 minutes of fame and now has put himself in the same category as Gardenhire by commenting that “Gardy” (another REAL CLOSE buddy of his deserving YET ANOTHER nickname) is having a rough season too. This is just too juvenile and contrived on “Q’s” part and is making us fans sick. I hope the clock is ticking away on his 15 minutes.

loser i dare you to call oneri fleita that to his face he would knock you back into your basement apt quit hiding behind these name calling blogs meet me at wrigley you know where I sit you jobless jerk

Just some insight: Campana has speed, but he hasn’t shown he can hit. One scout told me Campy should be fined every time he hits the ball in the air. He’s a perfect extra OF who can pinch-run, bunt or fill in on defense. He worked with Juan Pierre earlier this year on bunting, and hopefully, he’ll continue to drill with Bobby Dernier. That will earn him more playing time

Re: Quade’s record vs. Sandberg’s in the Minors, it’s tough to compare because of the different levels/organization needs. It’s easy to bash Q these days but there are multiple problems with this Cubs team (pitching, defense, lack of situational hitting to name a few). Look at the 1st inning Monday vs Giants: Castro doubles (yay) but is stranded. Byrd grounds out on 1st pitch to end inning and the team is 0-for-3 with RISP. Quade didn’t have an at-bat.

Correct, Quade didn’t have an at bat; however, he did set up that lineup. He constantly puts Byrd and Pena spots in the lineup to fail. They are not hitting with risp, yet he constantly puts them in clutch spots in the order. If they can’t perform,bench them. After all, as we were told when it came to Colvin, this is a game of production. Yet players such as Pena and Byrd get free passes even though they lack clutch abilities. And I get it, I know, no one wants to hurt the poor vets feelings, but they are the reason for this mess, they aren’t performing, therefor, they should be benched. We need a manager that has the guts to sit the vets, I don’t care how much it would embarrass them, maybe that’s what they need instead of being babied. And as far as Campana being fined for hitting the ball in the air, what about Soriano being fined for not hustling, Byrd swinging at the first pitch, Ramirez botching a play in the field (when Castro does the same thing he is all over him), Garza throwing a ball into right field… etc. I just don’t understand the double standard. I can’t give Quade anymore room because he is the one who decides to take pitchers out, yet usually leaves them in too long. I will be glad to see him gone, as I don’t see how he has done anything positive for this team.

You tell ’em Jason! (you must be un-employed as well since you are knocking the establishment?) Also, what would it take to give a little help to players that need it such as Byrd and give him the take sign, creating a little more pressure on the pitcher? I can see once a batter has a strike to turn him loose but Byrd with his bad clutch performance needs some instructions from the manager at certain at bats. It’s not unusual for batters to be told what to do in certain situations is it? Maybe it’s happening and he is missing signs from “Quadster”? If so, all the more reason for a little bench time creating an opportunity for Campana to get fined on flyballs! A good manager will work with the talent he has and in such dismal times maybe even discover some talent on the bench? Nobody but Castro, Barney and Ramirez deserve regular playing time on this team, what better time to get some kids in? LaHair will be the most interesting call for “Quad-man”, after all Castro was tearing it up in AAA forcing the so-so Theriot from SS….can’t the same be said/done for LaHair who is having an even better year than Castro did? Shouldn’t LaHair get the opportunity at 1B forcing the so-so (not to mention over-rated) Pena from his positon? It’s going to be interesting seeing how they handle LaHair vs. Pena. Not to say LaHair is the next Lou Gerhig but Pena sure isn’t the next Albert Pujols either.

Don’t forget that I live in my mom’s basement too lol! I agree with what you said about the infield. I would like to see LeMahieu get a shot at playing on a regular basis. He doesn’t have much power, but last season he only hit two hr and still had over 70 rbi, can’t get more clutch than that! An added bonus is that he can also play anywhere in the infield, yet he probably will not be given a fair shot. Like you said though, that would give them a chance at going after some pitching, which they need desperately, and at the right price I would love to see the Prince in a Cubs uniform.

Based on Campana’s major league batting average, not showing he CAN hit….than Soriano, Pena and Soto have shown what exactly? Good thing Hendry never had the need for players to show they can field otherwise we wouldn’t have the five tool player Soriano for 8 years. At least Campana would be a perfect something…maybe next year he will stick around as the perfect fourth outfielder backing up Jackson, Byrd and Colvin with Soriano being the less than perfect sixth outfielder?

Yo, that\’s what\’s up trtufhully.

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