9/2 Cubs lineup

The Cubs did call up Bryan LaHair from Triple-A Iowa but Carlos Pena is starting at first base on Friday against the Pirates. Here’s the Cubs lineup:

SS Castro

RF Johnson

3B Ramirez

1B Pena

LF Soriano

CF Byrd

C Soto

2B Barney

P Dempster

— Carrie Muskat


Go figure, lets bring up LaHair, who was having a moster season, and bench him. Congrats kid, now go sit down. Seriously, Quade has got to be joking. And Johnson is in the lineup too. Let me guess, he doesn’t want to disrespect the Pirates. Mike Quade is a moron, and if he stays this team will never get anywhere for sure.

Maybe Quade wants to get Johnson some at bats this month instead of Colvin…you know…in case JOHNSON is the candidtate for full time RF next season. I know Colvin isn’t turning it on but geez give the kid every ab you can to help him catch up. If you’re going to play Johnson play him at Soriano’s expense, not Colvin’s. Quade is managing as if Hendry is still giving him back rubs. Hendry is GONE, let’s move on Mr. Quade and give up the ghost of winning (a championship, not a game here and there) with Soriano and Pena, aint gonna happen. Of course beating the dreaded Pirates in a lost season means EVERYTHING to this guy. He’ll show us!

Jason. Joeydatflush is grooming you. soon you will hear the kitchen door open and he will have a paper bag with a bottle of wine in it. just pray there are tv cameras and cops outside.

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