9/2 Zambrano done for the year

Carlos Zambrano will not rejoin the Cubs the rest of the season. The team announced Friday that Zambrano will remain at home for the remainder of this season and the team will resume paying him his salary at the end of the 30-day suspension. The suspension runs through Sept. 11, leaving Zambrano “insufficient preparation time” to pitch again this year.

Major League Baseball, the Major League Baseball Players Association and the Cubs will process the Union’s grievance during the offseason. The Cubs said in a statement that since the grievance remains unresolved, they will not comment further at this time.

In his last start for the Cubs on Aug. 12, Zambrano served up five home runs to the Braves and was then ejected in the fifth for trying to hit Chipper Jones with a pitch. Zambrano packed up his gear, told teammates he was retiring, and then left Turner Field. A few days later, Zambrano changed his story and said he made the comments out of frustration. He was placed on the disqualified list on Aug. 13, and without pay. For the season, Zambrano went 9-7 with a 4.82 ERA. If he is done with the Cubs, he finishes with a 125-81 record and 3.60 ERA. He  was making $17.875 million, so he lost about $3 million while on the disqualified list. Zambrano is owed $18 million next year.

— Carrie Muskat 


I hope Zambrano re-bounds somewhere. His head wasn’t always in the right place but it sure did appear his heart was. Besides, unlike some other players on the team with “issues” at least Zambrano has talent.

When cubs signed z-man i was so excited. Turns out he was the GOAT. What could have been.

hopefully our new GM will see that it is in the best interests to retain Z. Only 30 yrs old A stud athlete who can hit with avg and power in the national league and fields position. Just now learning how to really pitch and not just sling the ball..Ability to take us deep into a game .. Plus he really wants to always be a cub. Regardless what some fans think he is a popular teammate and a fearless leader with an edge that may be tempered with time. The next ten years may be darn impressive as many men mature in their early thirties. even Michael Jordan was not the perfect teammate with his bullying tactics and even quit the Bulls for one year to play baseball. This organization needs to quit turning their back on the zambranos, the sandbergs, we need the jody davis*s the mark grace*s because when any man loses his idenity–difficult to get it back–Besides winning the Ricketts need to retain our legacy which should include Sammy Sosa -how soon we forget what he meant to so many fans for a long time..I like most of us have made terrible mistakes but thank God not everybody turned their backs on me forever. Z belongs in this organization and somebody must stand up soon and make that happen. Surely I am not all by myself on this.

Well, you had me going until you included Sosa. As everybody knows I have BASHED Hendry for some time regarding his ludicrous decisions on players, trades, contracts etc. But I believe because of Zambrano’s talent and youth his contract was one of the least harmful compared to those of Soriano, Fukodome, Bradley/Silva, Grabow, Miles (need I go on?) I’m on the fence with Z, I hope he returns and enjoys play-off caliber success with some team….if it remains the Cubs I would understand the new GM keeping him for one last shot. After all, he’s no Miltion Bradley right?

sammy sosa over 600 home runs rocket arm in r field good with fans In June of 1998 hit 20 home runs and knocked in 47 runs steroids yes cork bat incident yes but in same years when 300 other players documented and lord only knows how many others overlooked steroids and greenies-amphetamines since 70*s and now Adderral–get a player now with prescription approved Adderral which there are several and you have a winner. Zack Grienke an example

The only comment that I can think of is the fact that cheater Mark Mcguire is St.Louis hitting coach sitting proudly with cheater Tony LaRussa for the last two seasons. He even comes to Wrigley Field while Sammy is completely ostracized by the Cub organization and most fans. What the hell!

sal Right on that we accept Mcguire coming into our park with open arms and Sammy is literally banned. I will never forget the year he had 160 rbi^s more than this team has had as a unit. we need a new team doctor and save your wine corks.Then we can name Sammy as the organization hitting coach.

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