9/4 Fleita to stay with Cubs

The Cubs are still searching for a new GM but one exec is staying. Player personnel director Oneri Fleita has received a four-year contract extension from the Cubs ownership. Fleita heads the Minor League system and international scouting operations. He joined the Cubs in 1995 as manager of the team’s Class A Williamsport team, and has moved up the ranks. Fleita was named vice president, player personnel in October 2007. Among his duties is overseeing the operations in the Dominican Republic, which includes building a new academy there.

— Carrie Muskat


One heck of a good decision by Mr. Ricketts..Oneri is so capable that I would not be surprised if someday he is baseball commissioner.

Yes, good for Ricketts. After all he is the owner and can very well single out employees that deserve to keep there job because they do a good job as well as fire employees that screw things up. He can tell whoever is the next GM that he will be working with Fleita among other employees to right the ship left listing by the former GM. It’s not as if Ricketts extended Quade’s contract or any of the current coaches contracts as those firings…oops, I mean DECISIONS should be left to the new, competant GM.

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