9/13 Cubs lineup

Bryan LaHair is starting in right field and batting fifth Tuesday for the Cubs in Game 2 of this four-game set against the Reds. Ryan Dempster will try to even his record when he takes the mound. Dempster has not won since Aug. 11. Here’s the lineup:

Castro 6

Barney 4

Ramirez 5

Pena 3

LaHair 9

Soriano 7

Byrd 8

Soto 2

Dempster 1

— Carrie Muskat


Ah yes, let’s call up LeMahieu, who may just be an option for third next year, and let him ride the pine, Brilliant! Seriously, he can play anywhere, including the outfield, why is he not getting a look everyday?!?!?

It remains a domino effect of ineptness and illogic. Our break out minor league FIRST BASEMAN is playing RIGHT FIELD because Quade wants to keep the Pena lovefest alive at first base for no other reason than to MAYBE capture 4th place? So, we will NOT know how LaHair may handle his true position in the big leagues. We may also NOT know how Colvin rebounds in RIGHT FIELD, his true positon becuase it is now occupied by a FIRST BASEMAN. The two positons we need to find out about and fill for next season are being butchered by Quade and the new GM will have even less to go on regarding filling those positions from within by promoting LaHair and or Colvin to starting players. Nice work Mr. Quade, good to see that you understand the BIG PICTURE. Do we REALLY need to see Ramirez, Pena, Soriano any further this year? We know all the pros and cons of the “big 3” clutch, middle of the order hitters…duh. We need to know about LaHair AT FIRST BASE, and Colvin in RIGHT FIELD, and why not Byrd in left field with Campana in center? We may have a legit #2 hitter or even a lead off hitter??? LeMahieu at third base??? Oh no, that might save the team 16 million dollars if he can handle third. What ever would the team do with an extra 16 million??? Hmmmm….maybe PITCHING?!?!?! Sigh…at least Hendry is gone so even with Quade’s bumbling, day to day lineups it may only be temporary. If the Ricketts think there is somebody out there much better than Hendry then THAT person MUST think there is somebody out there much better than Quade….ritght?

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