9/15 Cubs milestones

The Cubs will do what they can so Ryan Dempster has a chance at 200 innings and also are looking forward to Starlin Castro reaching the 200-hit mark. Castro wants to accomplish the feat at home.

“You’d always like to do it at home,” Mike Quade said. “I hope he gets his 210th hit at home. Just keep making progress and stay healthy these last few weeks and whenever it happens it happens.”

Quade was considering giving Castro a day off. Not now.

“Let him drive to 200 and hopefully more than that,” Quade said.

As much as he’ll encourage players to achieve the goals, he’ll also be realistic.

“I’m not going to let Carlos [Pena] steal bases so he gets to 10,” Quade said.

— Carrie Muskat 

1 Comment

How does getting Dempster 200 innings help this team? It would just be a few more innings pitched BY DEMPSTER which may not contribute to a victory as he is just a middle of the rotation pitcher and not an ACE. At least a few more hits by Castro whether or not they get him to 200 or not may increase the teams chances of a victory. Besides, there is nobody that we need to see play at short anyway. But pushing Dempster in such an awful season is just nuts and keeps a kid off the mound.

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