9/17 Q on lineup: “I’m mixing and matching”

Marlon Byrd got Saturday off and Mike Quade said he’s “99 percent sure” he’ll give Aramis Ramirez Sunday off. But Quade is keeping the veterans in the lineup as the season winds down.

“I’m mixing and matching,” Quade said Saturday. “They deserve an opportunity — they don’t deserve to be shelved. I don’t think we’ll be successful in a lot of areas if I shelve all thoseguys.”

DJ LeMahieu will likely start at third if Ramirez sits. Carlos Pena is getting at-bats as he aims for 30 homers. He’s reached that figure in three of the last four years, missing last season with the Rays when he hit 28.

“You got a guy driving toward 30 home runs who has been a huge part of this ballclub both on the field and off the field — we need him in the lineup to win ballgames and he’s been a big part of that this year,” Quade said of Pena.

The first baseman is hitting .278 with 14 doubles, two triples and eight homers i his last 39 games since Aug. 3.

Said Pena: “It’s kind of cool that he’s looking out for me. I respect that — that’s awesome.”

— Carrie Muskat


The fans deserve to see the young guys play, so we have reason to hope for the future. These vets are the reason this season is lost in the first place. If Quade is not gone after this season then I cannot put myself through this again. He is completely incompetent. Yeah Pena is helping win ball games alright, .187 with rsp, wow He really deserves playing time!

These vets have had their opportunity, and where has it gotten the Cubs? Win games? Give these young players all the playing time. Send the vets home. The Cubs are stuck with some of these players and will take another two years to purge them out of the organization.

Quade sucking up to the likes of just the few veterans for acheiving personal milestones is laughable and beneath what this team needs in a manager. He doesn’t think the team will be successeful in a lot of areas if he “shelves” the veterans? Does he not see how the team has already been UNsuccessful with these mediocre, non-clutch veterans this season? He must mean personal sucess between himself and the veterans he insists on playing in a meaningless end to a Godawful season. Congratulations to Quade on his successful season of sucking up, as if that is going to help him fool a competant GM. I’m with JDY, if Quade returns I will join the growing number of fans that are sick and tired of Hendry’s lingering screw up manager knowing we will get more of “his” veterans next year. How about Pena AND Quade take their love fest on the road next season and bless another team with their awesome, proven, winning track record?

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