9/19 Wrapping things up

Monday marks the start of the Cubs’ final homestand of 2011. How does Mike Quade feel about the season as it winds down?

“It’s not the season I had envisioned and there are a gazillion reasons for that,” Quade said Monday. “In the end, we had our share of adversity and especially these guys in the clubhouse handled it pretty well. It was tough for us just from the get go, from the first week of the season losing [Andrew Cashner and Randy Wells]. We didn’t have enough depth and enough ways to rebound, particularly in the area of starting pitching.”

Those were two weren’t the only injuries the Cubs had to overcome. They had six players go on the DL in a 20-day stretch.

“Nothing caught me by surprise as far as managing — not [the media], not managing in Wrigley, nothing,” Quade said. “It was just frustrating to not be able to piece things together when the injuries started.”

— Carrie Muskat


Enough with playing the injury card all of the time. Quade is a moron and refused to play the young players over the vets, even when the vets failed to do anything right. This team was not going to compete, and we all knew that from the beginning, but the record could have been much better if Quade actually had the guts to stand up to the vets and not let them run the show. He is completely incompetent, and I honestly feel that he is responsible for at least 15-20 of the loses; whether it be from mishandling the pitching staff, or the way that he refused to bench under performing vets in favor of the young guys who were actually trying. Byrd constantly swings at the first pitch, Pena is anything but clutch, Ramirez just doesn’t show up until mid way through the season, Soriano just does not hustle, Baker and Dewitt in the outfield. Those are all horrible moves on his part. Hopefully he will be gone after this season, but even so, this time that he is wasting on veterans is taking away from actually being able to evaluate young players; the whole point of losing teams calling up kids in September! I wanted to give him a chance when he first got hired, wow do I regret that. I never thought I would find someone that I despised more than Hendry himself, but then we were introduced to his puppet, Mr. Quade himself.

Quade says that they didn’t have enough depth and ways to rebound. A little too little, too late Mr. “Ejection”. Maybe he realized that earlier in the season but didn’t want to come out and offend his benefactor Hendry. Hendry is the one that ASSumed the organization was juuuuuust fine when it came to starting pitching, so fine in fact that in order to trim from HIS terrible payroll mess he launches Gorzellany….then gets other has-been pitchers that couldn’t even eat up innings (Lopez aside) and adds yet again to the payroll. The new GM cannot replace Quade fast enough. In fact, wouldn’t it be ironically satisfying if the “interim” GM Bush fired Quade NOW and replaced the lame “interim” manager with another “interim” manager? That would be just so special.

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