9/20 Cubs lineup vs. Brewers

Bryan LaHair is starting in right field Tuesday in Game 2 of the Cubs’ series against the Brewers. LaHair has hit safely in 11 of his first 12 games played with a plate appearance. Starlin Castro enters the game with 196 hits, four shy of 200. Randy Wells is 5-0 with a 3.57 ERA in nine starts since the beginning of August. Here’s the lineup:

Castro SS

Barney 2B

Ramirez 3B

Pena 1B

LaHair RF

Soriano LF

Byrd CF

Soto C

Wells P

— Carrie Muskat


I don’t see how anyone can try to justify Quade’s moronic lineups anymore. What a waste of time for the kids. He has got to be the worst manager this team has had in quite a while, if not the worst ever. The vets put the team in this hole, yet he blindly runs them out there day after day because they “deserve” it. What a joke.

He must consider LaHair a vet at 28 because wasn’t Quade quoted in today’s paper that these Brewers game “deserve” the veterans and they are not for the kids as were the LOWLY Astros? He’s talking out both sides of his as..mouth. Definatley can’t be counted on for leading this team next year. He has proven to be part of the same old culture and no different than other veteran pandering suck up managers. To go to such lengths to keep Soriano in the lineup is crazy.

Agreed…………I completely believe that the Cubs have given up on Covin. Its a shame, (and I know he has had a rough year) but we are going to ruin another kid with decent potential. This entire year has been an extreemely huge step back.

Quade ruined his year from the get go by handing the job to Fukodome who we all knew would be playing out the string. Hendry should have dealt (given away!!) Fukodome last winter so brainiac Quade wouldn’t have had the option of screwing up RF. How could you take a top draft pick like Colvin, watch him hit about .260 with 20 home runs, play good defense and then FAVOR a weak RBI guy with a crazy swing in Fukodome who was in his last year? Hendry/Quade set Colvin back, no doubt. If Byrd and Soriano are starting next year, Pena comes back and they force feed LaHair in RF what’s that going to say to Jackson? The new GM must save this team over the winter and do it with authority, meaning cut Soriano, DeWitt, Hill, Grabow, Pena loose. If they HAVE to keep a veteran or two around that can actually CONTRIBUTE both offensivley AND defensively then Byrd and Johnson are those veterans who can also mold the youngsters in the proper ways of playing, hustling etc.

Tom if you are going to build, then build! I’m tired of watching this joke. At least Backwell, Foot, and Kingman, played hard every day. Those guys anyway, I know I named two catchers. America got hooked on watching guys play, hard, every day. Now we get over paid guys who look like they don’t even want to be there some days. And we get fewer and fewer games on WGN, which is what made the CUBS what they are. If you make easy to quit watching, people will. The BOSS is gone in NY maybe it’s time the CUBS had a “BOSS”. Be like George, do something even if it is wrong. At least we’ll have something to watch, and some hope.

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