9/23 Something to play for

The Cubs played most of their regulars against the Brewers in the series just completed at Wrigley Field, and took two out of three. Mike Quade said he will stick with the regulars in this series against the Cardinals, who are still alive for a post-season spot.

“I feel a responsibility to the game,” Quade said. “We’ve got guys with good numbers against [Chris] Carpenter so you [start them].”

Bryan LaHair is hot, so Quade is staying with him in the lineup as well. LaHair has hit safely in 12 of his 14 games played with an at-bat, and has hit safely in 10 of his 11 starts.

“You try and do the right thing to beat a club,” Quade said. “We want to play well. It was great these guys didn’t let Milwaukee make any hay against us at our place. It doesn’t matter where you’re at — you’d like to beat these guys.”

— Carrie Muskat


He feels a responsibility to the game? What about the fans? Don’t we deserve to see the best talent, the talent of the future. He can’t be fired soon enough.

I never understood Quade’s reasoning for playing the “regulars” just for the respect of the game while playing teams battling for a play-off spot. If you want to spoil that team’s playoff chances wouldn’t you want to play the best players regardless of tenure? To play Hill who is not even a regular over Clevenger should be considered a slap in the face to the Braves. Who thinks the Braves are grateful for Quade playing Hill over Clevenger? He justifies LaHair playing against the Cardinals because LaHair can hit. Hill cannot hit so why play him to rest Soto and not Clevenger who MAY hit? Oh the hell with it anyway, at this point Quade HAS to be a dead man waliking…..right? Right. Right???? Oh come on!!!

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