9/23 A walk in the park

Carlos Pena drew two walks Friday, and now has 96 for the season, a modern day record for Cubs’ first basemen. The old mark was 95, set by Mark Grace in 2000. Since 2001, only Sammy Sosa has more walks in a single-season for the cubs. He drew 116 walks in 2001 and 103 in 2002.

— Carrie Muskat


Is that supposed to make up for the fact that he cannot hit with risp?

In little league we were taught that a walk is as good as a hit. But in the big leagues when you hit third, fourth, or fifth you are expected to drive runs in. This guy rarely hits when it counts ,rarely moves a runner up, and that exaggerated shift the teams use on him is an embarassment. Yet with this salary drive ending teams will want him –money ball crap -season ending stats can be so deceiving. If you can not bunt, advance runners, run bases, hit to all fields, hit in April amd May, and not strike out 2 and 3 times a game –rethink with your hitting coaches what the hell is this game all about

Perfectly said. He will walk 100 times, does that mean that we are supposed to forget about how he also strikes out over 100 times? Pena is paid to be a run producer, and he just is not clutch enough.

I’m glad we are all on the same page about Pena, it may help heal some wounds?
Pena would be a perfectly acceptable home run hitter and defensive first basemen but only on a team that can carry somebody with his dismal average, terrible average with RISP and his complete inability to hit left handed pitchers. A team like the Yankees for example if they werer in a bind due to an injury. But certainly not a team like the 2012 Cubs, a team that will need to put most of the payroll in pitching and to pay off Soriano’s contract when he is traded by our new and improved GM.

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