9/28 Looking ahead to 2012

The Cubs’ new GM will have some interesting decisions to make. Here’s a breakdown of the team’s financial/contract commitments for 2012:

Who’s under contract for 2012:

Alfonso Soriano ($18 million)
Carlos Zambrano ($18 million)
Marlon Byrd ($6.5 million)
Carlos Marmol ($7 million)
Sean Marshall ($3.1 million)

To be determined:

Ryan Dempster ($14 million player option)
Carlos Pena (owed $5 million, deferred from 2011 contract to January 2012)
John Grabow (free agent)
Jeff Samardzija (club option)
Kerry Wood (free agent, but says will retire if doesn’t re-sign with Cubs)
Rodrigo Lopez (free agent)
Ramon Ortiz (free agent)
Reed Johnson (free agent)

Arbitration eligible:

Matt Garza
Geovany Soto
Jeff Baker
Koyie Hill
Randy Wells
Blake DeWitt

Expected to leave:

Aramis Ramirez ($16 million club option; $2 million buyout)

Note: Players such as Starlin Castro, Darwin Barney, Tyler Colvin, and Tony Campana are under club control. They don’t have enough service time to qualify for free agency/arbitration.

— Carrie Muskat


Wow, quite a few worthless contracts/players from the Hendry era. The decisions for the new GM will be more easy than interesting as only Garza, Marshall, Marmol, Samardzija and Wells should be retained with Wood, Byrd, Johnson being acceptable contributors…for the money that is.

Seems to me the Cubs need to clean house. Soriano is a washout, Pena didn’t pan out, Big Z needs a psychiatrist, and the entire pitching staff is a mess. I’ve been a Cubs fan my entire life, but they have quite a mess on their hands.

Pretty sad when out of all the players that aren’t worth much…Zambrano is the one that may be the most valuable. What’s that say about roster Hendry assembled????

Big Z is only 30, with the right coach he may do well.

Too bad we can’t take the wasted 18 million from Soriano’s contract and spend it on Z’s therapy. Not only with a new coach may Z respond and do well but with a new GM and PLAN he may just turn it around. Better to take a chance on Z than what would be GIVEN sub-par seasons from Soriano and Pena.

I’m not sure what there is to be proud of with a next to last division finish. Please let’s consider letting some of the bigh salary players go and spend the money on STARTING PITCHERS.

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