10/7 Red Sox mum re: Cubs interest in Theo

During a broadcast interview Friday, Red Sox owner John Henry would not confirm or deny whether the Cubs have asked for permission to speak to Theo Epstein about their vacant GM job. Is Epstein the right GM for the Red Sox?

“He is,” said Henry in the interview with WEEI in Boston that was simulcast on NESN. “But I think everyone has to understand a couple of things and I think [former manager Terry Francona] alluded to it. I think there’s a certain shelf life in these jobs [in Boston]. You can only be the general manager if you’re sane. You can only be the manager for a certain amount of time. There’s a tremendous pressure cooker here.”

MLB.com’s Ian Browne writes the situation with the Red Sox will remain in limbo until Epstein publicly states that he wants to return to the Red Sox for the last season of his contract and beyond. The Red Sox still haven’t confirmed or denied that the Cubs asked for permission to interview Epstein. The Sox feel it’s a private matter.

“Those things are supposed to be kept private and we have a policy of not discussing whether permission has been asked for x or y or z,” team president and CEO Larry Lucchino said.  “In fact, every year we get requests for people. We never discuss them publicly. It’s been our policy and our practice.”

— Carrie Muskat


Reason Epstein and Cashman make their teams respectful is un limited money
from Red Sox and Yankees. They spend freely on free agents, and usually get any
player the pursue. Is that what the Cubs want for a GM. Cubs need guy like Friedman or Beane unless Ricketts doesn’t care about the payroll.

Lester, Papplebon, Ellesbury, and Pedroia were all home grown. Also, Gonzalez was traded for using the farm system. Epstein does have a lot of money to spend on free agents, but he has also proven that he can draft great players too. While Cashman’s drafts don’t seem as strong, he really doesn’t make that many mistakes even when he does spend big. I will agree with you that Friedman has done a great job with few resources, but what’s to say that he won’t go crazy like Hendry did when was given money and also make mistakes. The fact is, that if the money is there, mistakes are going to be made. I wouldn’t mind seeing any of the four you listed though.

Anybody not named Hendry will do. We already were made better off when Ricketts gave us a glimmer of accountablility when he fired Hendry, something we all would admit that we were afraid wasn’t going to happen because of the fondness Ricketts had for Hendry. Any GM will make mistakes, it’s the ones like Hendry that cross the insane line of continually repeating the same strategy expecting different results that need never be GM for the Cubs again.

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