10/11 Epstein decision could be soon

The Cubs have no comment on the latest report out of Boston that Theo Epstein will make a decision soon regarding the team’s vacant GM job. The Boston Herald is reporting that Epstein is “on the cusp” of leaving the Red Sox to take a job with the Cubs that would give him more power than he had in Boston. The newspaper reported an announcement was expected “in the next 24 to 48 hours.” The Cubs have been looking for a new general manager since Jim Hendry was dismissed Aug. 19.

A Cubs spokesman said Tuesday night they will not comment on the search.

The Herald said the Red Sox are still trying to keep Epstein in Boston. If he does go, the Red Sox will want compensation that’s “something real,” according to the newspaper. That could mean a player, money or a combination of the two. Another source told the Herald “this is going to be resolved very soon.”

Comcast Sports Net New England reported Tuesday the Epstein-to-the-Cubs deal is “close, but it’s not done yet.” Epstein has one year remaining on his contract with the Red Sox but a baseball source told CSNNE that compensation was not the sticking point, adding, “It’s a little more complicated than that.” The issue is believed to be more personal. Epstein must decide if he wants to leave Boston.

Epstein joined the Red Sox in 2002 at the age of 28, and put together teams that won the World Series in 2004 and ’07. Boston reached the playoffs in six of his nine seasons, but this year’s team went 7-20 in September and blew a nine-game lead in the American League Wild Card. Manager Terry Francona resigned two days after the Red Sox’s season ended.

Epstein would face another tough task with the Cubs, who are coming off a 91-loss season, and have an even longer drought since winning a World Series than the Red Sox. The Cubs have not won the championship since 1908.

— Carrie Muskat


If the Red Sox require compensation for their GM, the Cubs should let them have Zambrano and Soriano and we’ll call it even!

Ha! That’s a good one Ken. More likely I see the mis-handled Tyler Colvin going to Boston and getting back on track. As long as Epstein’s power includes the ability to fire Quade and bring in somebody with stones.

Joey.. pretty sure he is going to be able to do whatever he wants to do… I can’t wait to see what Theo can do… He needs to get in here ASAP so after the World Series we can start building a relevant team. I hope he goes after Fielder!!!!!!!!!! It’s Fielder or bust for next year. Say goodbye Z, Dempster, Grablow, and maybe even Soriano…………… Give Theo some CASH to make it rain up in Wrigley…. hahaha

aaaaaaaaamen BROTHA!!

With epstein we are getting the same kind of GM as b efore. His record shows that he will give millions to “star” players who are either over their prime or have faults that pitchers can use to shut them down. it appears he does not know how to judge ball players` abilities and weaknesses. Let`s get someone who does know how to
judge a player and how he will fit at wrigley field !!~ Skip

Well, evidently the kind of million dollar “star” players that Epstein has signed (not to mention the managers he signed) must have had enough left in the tank to get them TWO WORLD SERIES and many play-off appearances. Any of those star players lingering around for EIGHT YEARS?? Comparing him to the GM we had before (IF you mean Hendry…) is insulting. Soriano, Bradley, Grabow etc, etc. were available to Epstein as well as Hendry but they wound up being Cubs…..not Red Sox.

ya skip… give him a chance… he knows how to win… he knows when enough is enough (he left Boston before his contract is up)… thats more than Hendry knew…

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