10/12 Waiting for Theo – UPDATE

SI.com’s Jon Heyman has confirmed an earlier report Wednesday by Boston radio WEEI’s John Dennis that Theo Epstein has agreed on a five-year, $15 million deal with the Cubs. What’s still to be determined is Epstein’s title with the team and compensation. He has one year remaining on his contract with the Red Sox. The Cubs will not surrender Major League players, according to reports, but could send prospects or cash. According to Heyman, the Red Sox prefer cash.

The Cubs will not comment on the reports.

— Carrie Muskat


Bring Francona with you!!

Of course they prefer cash….who would trust the Cubs’ prospects? KIDDING!

i initially wanted Francona but he comes with a lot of baggage…. not even in my top 5 anymore… give me Brenly or Ryno and I would be satisfied… give me BOTH and I think it would be best… joey actually Cubs prospects have done very well over the years

Some have done well, agreed. But Castro and Barney are on the team now, no longer prospects and Barney flew in under Hendry’s radar as he actually preferred the awesome DeWitt. Doing well over the past few years do not make them covetted prospects. We’ll have to wait and see if our “best” prospects that were shipped to Tamap Bay for Garza (a real good pitcher) pan out. We are now left with even less to shop around. At least Hendry went out with a positve acquiring Garza I’ll give him credit for that. Too little, too late for you Jimmy….SEE YA!!! I hope Epstein considers Sandberg first, then Brenly. You’re right Petrey….BOTH in the dugout would be pretty damn good. Francona’s upside?
He’s NOT Quade and he has a couple of recent World Series under his belt dealing with a few star egos and a major city spotlight. AND…HE’S NOT QUADE!!

ego is what I am worried about… sounds like Francona has his own ego isssues… either way I don’t think Theo will consider him

Hell, I thought Quade had an ego problem too, just from listening name drop and talk about himself. GIVE US SANDBERG AND BE DONE WITH IT THEO.

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