10/13 Cubs, Red Sox talking re: compensation

Theo Epstein can’t simply pack up his office at Fenway Park and move his belongings to Wrigley Field. Epstein has reportedly agreed in principle to a five-year deal to join the Cubs, worth between $15 million and $18.5 million. But because he has one year remaining on his contract with the Red Sox, the two teams must resolve compensation and who, if anybody, can accompany Epstein from Boston.

According to sources Thursday, Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts is handling the negotiations with the Red Sox regarding possible players who could be exchanged. The Cubs also could send cash, or a combination of players and cash. According to reports, the Cubs will not surrender any Major League players.

Assistant GM Ben Cherington was expected to take over as Red Sox general manager if Epstein leaves. But Epstein would most likely want others from the Boston staff as well.

The Cubs declined to comment Thursday on the reports or the general manager search.

— Carrie Muskat


Now Ricketts, don’t go giving up any of the Cubs better prospects, the Cubs have a long tainted history of giving away good players. It’s disgusting that the Red Sox won’t just release Epstein to give him a chance to move up. Hey better yet, give them Sorry-O-No. and Pena.

Epstein is under contract so compensation will happen and no thanks on Pena with Epstein you better get used to players like Pena..how about cubs take Lackey a theo gem

Rick I know the Cubs have to compensate, but the Cubs history has always been giving up too much for what they receive. In Epsteins case I’ll wait and see what he does. First order of business when he does arrive is to toss Quade out of Wrigley field.

The Cubs should hold a charitable fundraiser selling tickets to be the lucky person holding the door open for Quade when Epstein fires the sorry sack of sh…aving cream, be nice and clean, shave your head now and you’ll always look keen…

Rick, un-confuse some of us that may not know the real Epstein. Are you saying he has a habbit of acquiring under-performing non-clutch players like Pena and pay them millions of dollars? If so, I wouldn’t mind if the results ARE TWO WORLD SERIES INSIDE A DECADE. Big difference between Epsteins “mistakes” and Hendry’s mammoth screw-ups, the difference being consistently being GOOD let alone play-off appearances let alone TWO WORLD SERIES INSIDE A DECADE (in case you missed them). I think most of fans are o.k. with this “gamble”.

Joey, he doesn’t have the golden touch for everything. Epstein did acquire Big Papi and Curt Schilling for the ’04 championship team, and oversaw the drafting of Ellsbury, Pedroia, Lester and Papelbon, who helped the ’07 Red Sox win another ring. But he also missed with Cameron, Lugo, Renteria and Lackey. His most recent big purchases — Lackey and Carl Crawford — flopped this year. Lackey is entering 3rd year of 5-year, $82.5 million contract; Crawford just finished the 1st year of a 7-year, $142 million deal. The Red Sox also invested $101 million to obtain Matsuzaka and spent $70 million on J.D. Drew.

Carrie with all due respect….CAN’T compare to Hendry’s “flops”. At least Epstein knows what a golden touch is. Hendry NEVER had a golden touch nor does any of the organizations that are beating down his door to be their GM think so. Sure Epstein has missed on several players but only Crawford’s contract can even come close to the abysmal signing of Soriano (I know, I know Hendry was FORCED to sign Soriano, I’m cryin’) and at least Crawford CAN FIELD. I heard David Kaplan say (yet again…) that Hendry wanted a five year deal for Soriano and was pressured into an 8 year deal. Really? If he had any stones he would have railed against “ownership” about an 8 year deal but all we got was a company man towing the line, keeping his job and selling Soriano’s smile. Besides, a five year deal for a player with no defensive skill to play on a National League with no DH to stick hime when he falls apart would still have been BAD. BAD is BAD, and Hendry gets the gold star and he was rightfully shown the door as should Quade. As long as Milton Bradley was under Hendry’s watch….there is no arguing his failure as a GM. You think Boston will hire him? I hear they have a vacancy.

I don’t there is a GM out there that hasnt wiffed on free agents. Ricketts has been bashed by alot of people, me being one of them, but landing #1 choice is impressive. Theo won’t come in and make this team a winner overnight but they are alot closer today than they were on Monday. If your a Cubs fan I don’t know how you can’t be excited about this move.

Agree with Ryne, I was bashing Ricketts for quite some time until he…he…he…fired Hendry. Ahhhhhh, still sound so good. Now Ricketts has gained a lot of respect and benefit of the doubt by booting Hendry and hiring Epstein to take his place. How sweet.
I don’t think there is a Milton Bradley in Epstein’s closet.

I have to give Epstein credit he did build us the teams from 2004 and 2007 he did a great job at building a farm system that was near the bottom when he took over and he made some decent trades but keep him away from free agency to name a few..dice k , drew , lackey and Crawford though i have hope for him so giving his ability to build the farm system and making the right trades i believe Epstein will have the cubs competing and i hope he does a great job

Hello Carrie,

I have been very curious about this Epstein hiring from day one. I am a die hard Cubs fan for a a long time and this reinforces my belief that the Ricketts family really wants this organization to contend every year and ultimately win the World Series. My Question is and all Cubs fans want to know. Will Theo Epstein’s first move be……., to hiring Ryne Sandberg, which is what we all want?

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