10/14 Cubs announce 2012 ticket prices

For the first time since 2007, Cubs season ticket holders will pay less for their tickets when compared to individual game ticket buyers. Cubs season ticket holders were sent a letter on Friday, outlining the pricing for 2012, and the prices will either be flat or reduced when compared to this season. On average, a Cubs season ticket will be $1 to $2 less per game than individual game tickets in the same location.

Bleacher season ticket prices at Wrigley Field will decrease an average of 14.3 percent per ticket, the team said Friday. Individual game bleacher tickets will be, on average, lower by 10.3 percent.

The 13 designated “marquee games” will result in higher bleacher prices, but the 68 platinum, gold, silver and bronze bleacher prices all will decrease in price for season ticket holders.

There will be fewer marquee/platinum bleacher games in 2012 (30 in 2011; now 22 in 2012) and there will be more lower priced bronze/silver/gold bleacher games in 2012 (51 in 2011; 59 in 2012).

For the rest of Wrigley’s tickets in the seating bowl, season ticket inventories will remain flat compared to 2011. The team said individual game tickets in the seating bowl may show an increase or decrease — or remain the same — from last year based on the game category.

There are 13 designated marquee games in the bowl area, individually priced from $114 to $29, depending on location; 16 platinum dates ($102-$25); 26 gold games ($92-$19); 16 silver ($74-$12); and 10 bronze ($57-$8).

The bleachers will feature 13 marquee dates, priced individually at $78; nine platinum games ($52); 21 gold dates ($38); 27 silver ($27); and 11 bronze ($17). Last season, bleacher general admission prices ranged from $72 for marquee games to $20 for bronze.

The 13 marquee games include the season opener April 5 against the Nationals; May 18-20 against the White Sox; June 15-17 against the Red Sox; June 30 against the Astros; July 14 against the Diamondbacks; July 27-29 against the Cardinals; and Aug. 11 against the Reds.

— Carrie Muskat

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