10/17 Waiting for Theo, Day 6

The Boston Globe reported Monday that talks between the Cubs and Red Sox to determine compensation for Theo Epstein are ongoing but may not be resolved before the World Series begins. The Red Sox want players in exchange for allowing Epstein to leave with one year remaining on his contract. The Cubs and Epstein has reportedly agreed in principle on a five-year contract in which he would take over the baseball operations.

Major League Baseball discourages teams from making any announcements during the World Series, which begins Wednesday in St. Louis when the Cardinals face the Rangers. The two sides could continue to negotiate but if the World Series goes seven games, it would end Oct. 27.

The Red Sox are believed to be focused on adding pitchers, and one report said they were targeting right-hander Trey McNutt, who is pitching in the Arizona Fall League now.

The Cubs will not comment on the GM search, and the Red Sox have declined to comment on Epstein’s status.

— Carrie Muskat


O for crying out loud, Cubs look elsewhere for a GM, enough already of tossing the few good prospects left on the farm system away.

Thnx. for the updated article, Carrie. Let’s geterdone

I think he would do a good job, but I would love to see what would happen in Boston if we did look elsewhere. That would be worth the price of admission. Have you seen the junk on these blogs, they, Boston fans, ok some Boston fans, are idots.

If the Red Sox keep insisting on prospects, the Cubs should walk away from this. They can sign him next year. The Red Sox do deserve compensation, but it should be in the form of money. The Cubs have the superior bargaining position. Use it. Walk away. The Red Sox will quickly change their tune if the Cubs threaten to terminate negotiations.

its one prospect… big deal… chances are Trey isn’t anything special…. just give him up and move on. We can’t build for the future if we don’t have the right guy running it. Our farm system sucks and is depleted BUT that’s what its there for. Replenish it through the draft.

That’s not the point. Why give up anything when it’s not necessary? Reports are that the Red Sox are ready to move on. They DO NOT want Epstein back. Call their bluff. Give them money – yes, prospects- NO!

^ idk where you are getting this that the Red Sox don’t want him back….. why wouldn’t they he is one of the best GM’s in baseball…… Theo is wanting to move on NOT the Red Sox

If they wanted him back, why let a team speak to him. Why not let time heal wounds and then try to resign Theo. Of course, publicly they say the right things. Read between the lines, the Red Sox did not want Theo back.

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