10/29 Cubs, Red Sox face deadline

Tuesday is the deadline for the Cubs and Red Sox to reach an agreement on compensation for Theo Epstein. If not, MLB commissioner Bud Selig will step in. On Friday, Selig said he may have to decide which Minor League players go to the Red Sox.

“They have until Nov. 1 … before this comes to me,” Selig said prior to Game 7 of the World Series in St. Louis. “If I had to guess it’ll be another thing that I have to deal with on Nov. 1.”

Epstein, who left Boston to become the Cubs president of baseball operations, has been negotiating with his replacement, new Red Sox GM Ben Cherington. The two teams were unable to settle on compensation before Epstein left Boston because the Cubs did not establish parameters as to what players would be available to the Red Sox. Boston aimed high, asking for Matt Garza or Starlin Castro.

— Carrie Muskat


Keep that anti-Cub Bud Seaslug out of this decision. The Red Sox got to stop acting like a bunch of spoiled snotnosed kids. Ricketts has to keep himself from giving up the farm. We allknow that Seaslug would love to toss a whole bunch of good prospects to the Red Sox.

“before it comes to me….” How vain. All hail King Selig. Brign forth all in question and lay them before my throne where I shall decide upon thy fate.
Give us a break Bud.

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