11/2 Ramirez officially free agent

Aramis Ramirez notified the Cubs late Tuesday that he was declining to exercise his side of the 2012 mutual option, and is now a free agent. The Cubs had exercised their side on Sunday, and the third baseman had two days to declare his intentions. By declining, the Cubs do not have to pay the $2 million buyout, and they will receive a supplemental pick in the 2012 First-Year Player Draft as compensation. In nine seasons with the Cubs, Ramirez batted .294 with 239 homers, 806 RBIs. He posted seven seasons with at least 25 home runs.

— Carrie Muskat


A FA and on his way to a team that needs an overpaid 3B.

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O.K. so Aramis wasn’t the greatest 3rd baseman in Cubs history, far from it. But he did produce for a few seasons. One of Hendry’s better trades, the Cubs got him for Matt Bruback, who never made it to the big leagues, they also gave the Pirates Jose Hernandez, who never produced, and Bobby Hill who didn’t stick either. Atleast Rameriz had some production, before he faded. Hendry had a good trade there, just like when he got Derek Lee, who gave us some good years, and he got him for almost nothing, Hee Sop Choi, who is back in Korea, staring into his bowl of kimshee, wondering what happened.

Who can argue with Bill regarding Ramirez and Lee being good trades by Hendry?
In fact they were not only good trades but VERY good trades….but quite possibly the ONLY very good trades during Hendry’s tenure and only by the luck of Ramirez’s greed does the new,competant Mr. Epstein skate on what COULD have been just another poor choice of contract years by Hendry. The Cubs got lucky on this one.

Had to give Jim Hendry the credit due for those two trades. The Sorry-O-No deal stunk, everyone else in base ball knew he was a slacker. Pena-In-The-Butt, well Hendry signed him, but Quade the last month of the season, should have sat him and played LaHair everyday to see if he is as good as we all hope he is. Now with Rameriz going, lets hope the new manager gives both LaMahieu and Vitters a good chance to prove their worth, unless he can pick up a better player in the free agent bidding.

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