11/2 Sandberg not a candidate for Cubs job

Ryne Sandberg is not a candidate for the Cubs’ managerial vacancy. Theo Epstein said he wants someone who has managerial or coaching experience at the Major League level. Sandberg has managed in the Minor Leagues for five seasons, including four with the Cubs. This season, he left the Cubs to manage the Phillies’ Triple-A team.

Epstein called Sandberg about 10 minutes after the Cubs issued the release about Mike Quade.

“He didn’t owe me that at all,” Sandberg told the Arlington Heights (Ill.) Daily Herald. “He didn’t have to do that. It was a classy move and I’m very appreciative of the phone call. In the end, I wished him and everybody there good luck.”

Sandberg said Epstein had a list of possible candidates.

“Cubs fans should have trust in Theo,” Sandberg said. “They’re in great hands with him and Jed and Jason [McLeod]. They’re heading in the right direction and they’re going to do everything in their power possible to get the Cubs where they ultimately want to be.”

— Carrie Muskat


Did Theo specifically say Sandberg is not a candidate or even mention his mane
I have not seen that in any quote
I do see the
“and he must have managerial or coaching experience at the major league level.”
but did he mention names ? or all the names speculation?

Brutal. The dance continues. Baylor…Baker…Pinella…all highly regarded successful managers with experience, yet no title for the Cubs. If Epstein has already ruled out Sandberg in favor of another wannabe, then there is still no hope on the north side.

i agree with Dale… Ryno has the respect of all players and all the young kids on the team now were coached at one time or another by him……the fans and all former players have nothing but respect for him and that is a Big part of playing the game of baseball………..Hire Ryne Sandberg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t let him be a Cardinal coach~~~~~~~~~~~

Ryne Sandberg! So what if he hasn’t managed at Major League level.
He should! Now is the time for bringing in a manager who understands
the players, has earned the respect of the players and knows how to
put together a winning team. That would be Ryne Sandberg. Please
do not let him go again!

First, I still believe Epstein will do very good for the Cubs. With that said, I just read that the Phillies just gave ST. LOUIS permission to interview Sandberg. Now, the organization that has just won ANOTHER World Series and CERTAINLY has a history proving it knows what it is doing will consider Sandberg, with NO MAJOR LEAGUE EXPERIENCE . What’s THAT say? The only way to swallow this bitter pill is to file it away as we have filed Hendry away and that is to classify it as….”WELL, AT LEAS QUADE IS GONE”…..


If the Cubs pass on Ryno as manager and St. Louis gets him, it would be the worst possible outcome for the fans and the future of the organization. Give Sandberg a Chance!

The Cubs fired Hendry and have now introduced three people as his replacement. Did they create new posts or are some of these guys replacing other people who were let go, but we didn’t hear about it?

According to ESPN…

ESPN The Magazine’s Buster Olney reported that Epstein reached out to Sandberg to tell him he’s not in their plans.

Whatever. Manager or not, it pains me to think that in order to build a winning culture you don’t include a club’s HALL OF FAME second baseman in SOME capacity. Maybe it’s as much on Ryno’s end as it is Theo’s end since he wants to manage and really nothing else. What the heck do you have to do to get your foot in the door around here? If being a Hall of Famer isn’t enough, do you have to build on a winning tradition with your division rival before seriously getting considered? I guess that’s why they pay Theo the big bucks now… we’ll see.

he, he, he…..and they thought an early announcement that Sandberg would not be considered for manager would keep back a groundswell…..LOL

Its to much. If Ryno goes to the Cards with out being looked at by the Cubs, well I guess I’m done. There has to be something more going on here that is not being shared with the public…. Maybe Theo thinks Ryno is from the old Cubs culture, and wants to bring in a new culture. How about you bring in some new fans as well.

It would be interesting (not so funny for Ryno or Cubs fans) if the Cardinals are just entertaining the thought of Sandberg managing them in the future just to grind our gears a bit while they search for a new manager. I mean, the timing (after a World Series win, news of Quade’s dismissal, just as the new front office team starts working) is perfect for requesting permission to interview Sandberg to have some fun in the media.

I agree 100% that this should be Sandbergs chance to manage the CUBS! Ryno deserves the opportunity and guess what, it will take anyone years to get rid of the problems and bring in “winning players”.

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