11/2 Search begins for Red Sox, Cubs

Theo Epstein and Ben Cherington worked together on a list of possible manager candidates before Epstein left the Red Sox to join the Cubs. Now, both teams are looking for managers.

“There may be some people that we both talk to,” said Cherington, who took over the Red Sox as GM when Epstein became the Cubs president of baseball operations. “That hasn’t happened yet because they haven’t started their [search] yet, and I don’t know how they’re going to start theirs. But it’s possible that we’ll be talking to some of the same people.”

Cherington told reporters in Boston that the Cubs and Red Sox are looking for different things in a manager.

“The teams are different, the teams are at different stages, the cities are different,” Cherington said. “I think that what the right manager in Boston is not necessarily the right manager in Chicago, or the right manager in Chicago is not necessarily the right manager in Boston.

“Theo and I may agree on a lot of stuff, but I don’t think we’re looking for the same person in this particular case.”

Cherington did acknowledge the list they put together after Terry Francona left.

“And since Theo’s left, our list has probably changed a little bit,” Cherington said. “I don’t know what his list looks like. I think that this hire in Boston, Theo mentioned this before, the manager-general manager relationship is critical. It’s got to be one where you can develop a mutual respect. You can disagree and argue and wake up the next morning and go back to work together. So, that personal relationship is key, and the person that I would develop that kind of working relationship may be different than the person that Theo would. I don’t think we’re looking for the same person, even if some of the candidates we might consider may be similar.”

— Carrie Muskat

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