11/4 Mackanin interviews; Sveum is next

Pete Mackanin said his interview for the Cubs managerial job was thorough and a little exhausting.

“It was very comprehensive,” Mackanin said Friday. “They didn’t let me up for air — they just keep pounding questions at you. It’s very interesting and fun. It’s great getting to know these guys and seeing what’s on their minds. It’s just a nice  process to go through.”

The Phillies bench coach was prepared somewhat for the questions from Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer and others because he interviewed Monday with the Red Sox. Mackanin, 60, said the process was similar but different questions. It began with dinner Thursday night.

“They put me through the grinder last night and I couldn’t enjoy my dinner,” Mackanin said. “They covered an awful lot of ground in regards to strategy, type of philosophy, things like that.”

Mackanin grew up in Chicago, attended Brother Rice High School. He said he had heroes on both sides of town.

“Obviously, now I’m a big Cubs fan,” he said. “It would be really exciting to be part of the Cubs going all the way, to be able to contribute to that and be able to participate in that would be really exciting.”

Next up will be Brewers hitting coach Dale Sveum, who will interview on Monday. The Cubs also have asked and received permission to talk to Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux, who was scheduled to meet with the Red Sox on Tuesday.

Sveum is halfway through a two-year contract with the Brewers that he signed in October 2010. Some of the players lobbied for the Brewers to keep him after he finished the 2008 season as interim manager. But Milwaukee management decided it wanted someone with more experience and hired Ken Macha. Sveum was passed over again last winter when the Brewers hired Ron Roenicke.

— Carrie Muskat


“I have a soft spot for guys who hit everywhere they’ve ever been — hit, hit, hit and continue to hit,” Epstein said. “There’s this myth about the 4-A hitter. Guys who perform all the way up the Minor Leagues, dominate Triple-A, get a cup of coffee, they hit a buck-fifty in the big leagues, and everybody labels them a 4-A hitter.
“The reality is, I’m not so sure there is something called a 4-A hitter. It’s just [a] pretty good Major League hitter who never got an opportunity.”
FROM 10/26/2011


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Nicely sated Doug. This will be one our biggest challenges, to get past Theo’s dismissing Ryno out of hand for lack of major league experience. (Thanks AGAIN Hendry). Even the great “Tito” Francona was at one time NOT a great major league manager until…..he first became a major league manager. I think we need to file this in the “Giving Epstein The Benefit Of The Doubt Folder” and we just all move on without Ryno…..BUT….WITHOUT HENDRY AND QUADE. Let’s not lose focus of what is happening here under Theo’s direction. It’s a good thing!!!! Now….if he signs Pena to play first base….well, there’s only going to be so much room in the folder!! Here’s hoping the bulk of the payroll goes to pitching while the rookies and “4 a” kids get a chance at the every day positions.

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