11/5 Theo meets Rahm

New Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein met with Rahm Emanuel this week and presented Chicago’s mayor with a Cubs jacket.

“While we are a city with a deep set of loyalties to which baseball team we are for, regardless of your loyalty, I think the whole city is wishing him well in this new venture with the Chicago Cubs,” Emanuel told the media Friday.

The mayor said Epstein’s arrival has not changed his mind about taxpayer-funded renovations for Wrigley Field. Emanuel has said Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts’ plan to set aside future gains in city and county ticket taxes to pay for improvements to the 97-year-old stadium was a “non-starter.”

“I am not changing my perspective from the taxpayers just because people are excited,” Emanuel said. “I will still evaluate anything I do as it relates to Wrigley Field based on the interests of the taxpayers. That’s who I’m negotiating for.”

Emanuel and Epstein did not discuss adding more night games at Wrigley or changing the ballpark’s landmark designation.

“It was mainly, ‘Does this size fit you?'” Emanuel said.

— Carrie Muskat


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If Theo wants to win then why has he dismissed Sandberg. He is a cult hero in Chicago loved by all the fans. He is a proven winner as he led the Cubs AAA team to 3 championships. He is young, and had all these current cub players in AAA. If you want cub fans to continue to pack Wrigley, then hire Ryan. If the Cardinals are interested in Sandberg and acually hire him, you will be hated in Chicago for your brief stay. Please don’t let Rino get away, and our hated rival Cards get him. Take a poll of the fans and see if they wouldn’t love to have Ryan Sandberg as the Cubs manager. Mr. Ricketts step up and overrule him. I know when you bought the team you wanted Sandberg but left it up to the general manager Hendry who let Quady continue. What a disaster as we all know. Please listen to the fans, we know what we want, a Championship, and Sandberg is the one to bring it home. As so many old cub fans, we want this before we die.

Take a poll? Managers aren’t picked because of their popularity. I prefer experience. You are correct in that Sandberg has worked with a lot of these kids (Barney, Castro, Cashner, Colvin, for example). The goal is to win, not have someone who fans like to pose for pictures with.

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