11/7 Sveum meets the media

Dale Sveum has managed in the big leagues for 16 games, but that’s enough to whet his appetite for more. The Brewers hitting coach interviewed on Monday for the Cubs managerial opening, and then met the media at Wrigley Field.

Sveum was named the Brewers interim manager for the final 12 games in September 2008, replacing Ned Yost, who was dismissed when the team got off to a rough start. But Sveum was passed over for the full-time job in ’09.

“I was disappointed, I would’ve liked to have gotten the job,” Sveum said. “I didn’t dwell on it. I understand the decisions people make. I was as professional as I could be about it and moved on. It was disappointing. I’m not going to sit here and say I wasn’t disappointed. There’s no doubt about it that I wanted that job and felt it was the right time.

“I moved on,” he said. “I knew it would happen someday that I would get an opportunity. I never lost hope for no means.”

He does know the Cubs well, having faced them at least 16 times a year with the Brewers. Can he figure out why they haven’t won a World Series since 1908?

“The million dollar question,” Sveum said. “We wish we all had those answers. Being a baseball player and a coach for all these years, you always bring the Cubs up and why, and it’s almost a fluke that somebody with this kind of firepower hasn’t won the World Series before. To sit here and say what would I do differently would be unfair to everybody else who has ever played here or managed or coached here. A lot of times, there is no formula. Sometimes it takes a lot of luck or the ball bouncing this way or the ball bouncing that way to win the World Series. You saw what happened to the Rangers this year. One little fly ball, could’ve been two feet to the left and they win the World Series. Not to take anything away from the Cardinals — they had a heck of a year and they were the best team — but sometimes it’s a little bounce here or bounce there that changes things around and the whole course of the playoff series.”

— Carrie Muskat 

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