11/10 Compensation still to be determined

Ben Cherington and Theo Epstein will meet next week at the GM meetings in Milwaukee to try and finalize what compensation the Red Sox will receive for letting Epstein out of his contract to join the Cubs.

“Theo and I have spoken a couple of times since I talked to you guys last,” said Cherington, the Red Sox GM. “We traded some ideas and don’t have anything to report yet, but there’s at least been a couple more conversations.”

During the World Series, MLB commissioner Bud Selig set a Nov. 1 deadline but both teams have since been busy setting up their front offices, engaging free agents and interviewing managers. Epstein had one year remaining on his contract as Boston’s GM, but left to become the Cubs president of baseball operations.

“The Commissioner’s office is giving us some leeway on it if we feel like there’s progress being made,” Cherington said Wednesday in Boston. “I think we’ll give ourselves until next week. We’ll see each other in person next week. At least give ourselves until then to see if there’s something we can’t figure out.”

— Carrie Muskat

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What is GM role on Cubs vs role on Red Sox? ie. is Epstein going to GM meetings and why is he negotiating upfront with another GM and not letting our GM talk with his “equal”?

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