11/11 Cubs complete 1st round with four candidates

The Cubs completed the first round of interviews on Friday, meeting with Indians bench coach Sandy Alomar Jr., and GM Jed Hoyer said the next step is to discuss whether they need to ask more questions or consider other candidates. Alomar was No. 4, following Phillies bench coach Pete Mackanin, Brewers hitting coach Dale Sveum and Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux. Asked if that was the field, Hoyer said, “Probably, yes. We may make some phone calls. I wouldn’t guarantee that it is but we feel really good about the four guys we brought in. We had four very good interviews. I wouldn’t  rule out an additional candidate but it’s not a certainty.”

As for Terry Francona, Hoyer said the former Red Sox manager has talked to Theo Epstein, but that’s it.

Hoyer said he was impressed by how prepared the four candidates were, although Mackanin, Sveum and Alomar had a slight edge in that they also were interviewed by the Red Sox so they got a “dress rehearsal” for the Cubs process, which is similar.

What’s the timetable? Hoyer and Epstein will continue discussions next week at the GM meetings in Milwaukee.

“We want to make the right decision, not the quick decision,” Hoyer said. “We’ll be in Milwaukee next week. We’ll have a lot of meetings, a lot of conversations with other GMs and agents, but Theo and I will spend a lot of time on this process as well.”

* Regarding compensation between the Cubs and Red Sox for Epstein, Hoyer said that matter will be discussed next week at the GM meetings in Milwaukee. MLB officials will be present in case an arbitrator is needed.

— Carrie Muskat


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I thought they wanted a guy with Managerial experience…Mackanin is the only one with any real managerial experience on their short list of candidates and that was on an interim basis… Why isn’t Ryno on this list? The guy paid his dues in this organization… He’s a Hall of Fame player from this organization and he’s poured his heart and soul into this organization both as a player and as a manager in the minors helping to build a real farm system for the always floundering Cubbies… It will be a real shame if he’s in the dugout across the field with the Cardinals next year.

I don’t think they said “managerial experience.” I believe the line was “Major league coaching experience.”

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