11/14 Melvin on Sveum, Maddux

Brewers GM Doug Melvin knows Dale Sveum and Mike Maddux well. Sveum is currently a Brewers coach, and Maddux was the Brewers pitching coach for six years. Both Sveum and Maddux are candidates for the Cubs managerial job. Here’s Melvin’s take:

“Dale is really very conscientious,” Melvin said. “He knows the game well. I’ll go to the office sometimes after a night game at 8:30 in the morning and he’s pulling in on the motorcycle to go over hitters, prepare for the game and get a workout in or whatever. He studies the game well. He’s done different facets of the game — been a third base coach, a hitting guy.”
Of the Brewers’ decision against making Sveum the full-time manager after the 2008 season, Melvin said, “That’s more a philosophical thing.  We wanted to go with a new name and a new face from outside.”
 As for Maddux, Melvin said everyone knows that he’s done a great job as  a pitching coach.

“I always thought he was someone who wanted to manage someday,” Melvin said. “I didn’t know when it would be.”
What made him think that?
“He enjoys the participating in the whole game, not just [being] the pitching coach,” Melvin said. “Anybody that wants to manage likes the entire game; they like to be the final decision-maker.”

— Carrie Muskat

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