11/18 Brewers players happy for Sveum

The Brewers players may have lost a hitting coach but they were happy for Dale Sveum, named the Cubs manager on Friday.

“I’m thrilled for Dale,” Ryan Braun told MLB.com’s Adam McCalvy. “Certainly well-deserved, and it will be difficult for us to replace everything he brought to our team every day.”

Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy said he knew Sveum wanted to manage.

“We never talked about it, but there would be times in the dugout that we would talk through things,” Lucroy told McCalvy. “Like, ‘Oh, man, we should hit and run right here.’ I could tell managing was something he would enjoy doing because he enjoyed the tactical part of the game. Don’t get me wrong — it’s not that he was second-guessing everybody. He was just talking to me about certain situations. Somebody with his personality, they like to do things like that.”

Lucroy couldn’t point to one philosophical lesson he learned from Sveum, or one mechanical tweak that made a difference. Sveum’s biggest strength, Lucroy said, was instilling a proper mindset for success.

“Dale really helped out with the mental side,” Lucroy said. “He opened up my eyes to some things, for sure.”

On the flip side, Sveum knows the strengths and weakness of Brewers hitters better than anyone, and most of those hitters will return in 2012. Does that put the Brewers at a disadvantage in their 17 games against Chicago next season?

“I don’t think so,” Lucroy said. “With all of the video nowadays, everybody knows everybody. You can make adjustments in an at-bat.”

— Carrie Muskat

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