11/18 Sveum on Fielder: He plays harder than anyone

Dale Sveum is a big fan of Prince Fielder.

“It’s just the way he plays the game,” Sveum said Friday. “It’s nice to watch a guy play and want to play every single day. He hits
the ball, he’s running as hard as he can. He pops up to the infield, he runs, every single day. It’s not like he takes the day off — ‘Oh, I’m mad today.’ Catchers, look out if he’s going to score.
“We were very fortunate,” Sveum said. “We had two of those guys, Rickie Weeks and [Fielder] who played the game as hard as anybody who ever played the game. [Fielder] definitely plays harder than anybody in the game now. When you get one, two, three, four guys to play that way, everybody falls into the way you want to play the game.”
Fielder is a free agent but doesn’t appear to be on the Cubs’ wish list.

“You’d like to have a lot of great players, all the great free agents out there,” Sveum said. “We’re trying to do something here in Chicago to build now and win right now but be smart about it, too.”

— Carrie Muskat


It would be great to get Fielder as a free agaent and maybe the Cubs make a couple of trades, trade Barney, Smardjia, Soto and Z and get Weeks and Hanley Ramerez. Milwaukee gets Barney and Smardjia and Florida gets Z and Soto. Florida also signs Reyes. Florida gets what they need, Milwaukee saves some money to get a free agent they want and the Cubs have a team they need.

!B Fielder, 2B Weeks, SS/3B Castro or Ramerez and Catch one of our younger catchers. Our IF is vastly improved and salary is about the same. Sign 2 SP and lets play ball, maybe sign Buhrle and Wilson and we are deep as well as SP.

Our Bull Pen is good.
Garza, Buhrle, Wilson, Dempster and Wells as I would keep Cashner in the Bull Pen, But Cashner as a sSP is intriguing.

Line Up

Brett Jackson/Compana

Cubs would look a lot better with these moves.

hanley isnt going anywhere… dont know where you got that from… the marlins want to WIN not rebuild

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