11/18 The “wow” moment

During the interview process, Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer made a point of talking to every player they could who knew Dale Sveum.

“Players know best,” Epstein said. “This is about the players in the end. The thing that really stood out with Dale is he was able to hold the players very accountable, hold them to high standards, get in their faces at times if necessary, disagree with them, drive them to be their very best, but at the same time also win their respect and admiration. He was universally loved by the players he’s had without enabling them in the slightest degree. That’s a hard thing to pull off in this game. It makes him a very impactful person in the clubhouse.”

Hoyer mentioned that there was a “wow” moment early in the actual interview with Sveum. Epstein agreed.

“Dale provided extremely well thought out answers to nuanced baseball questions instantaneously, answer after answer after answer,” Epstein said. “We came up for air and took a break and looked at each other and said ‘Wow.’ This was not the type of thing you could fake. It wasn’t that he prepared for the interview but he spent a lifetime as a very intelligent person observing the game with an open mind to come up with his own baseball philosophy on how to win and it was very impressive.”

Expect Sveum to think outside the box a little. If he needs his closer in the eighth inning, he’ll use him then. He believes in five infielders in certain situations.

“It’s about winning the game,” Epstein said.

— Carrie Muskat

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