11/21 Cespedes, Jaramillo, Ryno & Santo

The Cubs are expected to get a first-hand look at Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes on Tuesday in the Dominican Republic. Jason McLeod, senior vice president of scouting and player development, was part of the Cubs contingent in the Dominican. Cespedes set a single-season record by hitting 33 home runs. The 26-year-old right-handed hitting outfielder has worked out for the Red Sox and Yankees, among other teams. However, his asking price, believed to be around $50 million, may be a little steep. McLeod also had a chance to scout 19-year-old Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler in the Dominican.

* Hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo will return next season and be part of new Cubs manager Dale Sveum’s staff, baseball sources said. Jaramillo talked to Sveum over the weekend. Sveum is still putting together his staff, and an official announcement was expected soon, possibly after the Thanksgiving holiday. Coaches Bobby Dernier and Ivan DeJesus will not return, according to a source.

* Ryne Sandberg, who guided the Phillies’ Triple-A team to its first winning season and into the International League championship series, will return as the IronPigs manager in 2012. Sandberg had interviewed for the Cardinals’ Major League manager vacancy, which ultimately went to former St. Louis catcher Mike Matheny.

* Tuesday is the official release date for WGN Radio’s Pat Hughes new CD highlighting Ron Santo’s career. It’s a fun-filled collection of Santo clips from the “Pat & Ron Show” broadcasts, including discussions between the two on cage dancing, cake, “Al Fonseca,” Brant Brown, and more. It’s an absolute must for fans of Santo, who died last December. The CD is the 10th in Hughes’ “Baseball Voices” series, which naturally is the perfect one to honor No. 10. You can purchase it on Cubs.com or at baseballvoices.com.

— Carrie Muskat


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Carrie, on your Hughes/Santo piece. Could someone please inform Cub ownership,Pat Hughes, and WGN Radio that Harry Carey and Ron Santo are dead. There continued capitalizing on the dead for what ever reason, financial or whatever
is sickning, to the point that I will not listen to Cub broadcasts on WGN Radio. No other team in pro sports capitalizes on the dead like the Cubs do.Harry and Ron were both great in there separate fields, let them rest in peace.

Bob, there are two sides to every story, and the second side of this strory, is that we loved Harry and Ron, and we want to celebrate those love affairs by remembering how much they entertained us. I will not stand here and let you denegrated the joy of what so many people clamar for. Shame on you and how dare you deprive us of what makes us happy, you sad depressed little man.

You really need a life. Because you are the sad depressed person. If you were able to read and understand,then you would realize , I am not against Harry or Ron only those who profit off them.

Profiting from them is a side issue you moron. If you’re against profiting from them, then why do you own a house, why do you own a car. You are a complete idiot.

Again you need help. You need to see a doctor

Hmmm….who else hit about 33 homeruns and is about 26 years old (“old” for a rookie, we’re told) oh…yes, Bryan LaHair at 1B for less than a million dollars…anyone?
Hendry and Quade completley wasted the opportunity to play some “rookies” last season (including LaHair) and now we are in a position of STILL wondering if LaHair is the answer at 1B for 2012?? It may be a few years before Epstein can remove the stain that Hendry left on this team but he will do it. Hey, Elvis has left the building too, should we just stop listening to his music because his estate is profiting from it? Duh. I’m with P.S. on this one. Nobody is holding a gun to our heads forcing us to buy Pat Hughes’ CDs. I think it’s called freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice is true but, tell me why the Yankee’s with all the imortals that have played for them don’t stoop to this. You want Epstein to remove Hendry’s stain, then he also has to remove the Cub thinking from out of the past and into the future.

BTW, the asking price of 50 million would have been 10 million dollars easier to swallow if Hendry didn’t blow it on Pena last year thinking instead of the 2012 budget when it would have made more of an impact whether on Cespedes, Fielder etc. Maybe Hendry didn’t get the memo that the Cubs would be nowhere near competitive last year or that Fielder was going to be a free agent after 2011? Think of what Hendry would do….then do the opposite and Epstein will turn this thing around.

I 100% believe LaHair should be starting at first base this year. He has already shown he can display power at the major league level and he is the left handed power we have been trying to buy for years. Any money spent would be better spent on 1. Pitching. 2. Upgrading the outfield (possibly with a real lead off hitter). 3. Some sort of power at third base. Obviously, not all of these needs could be filled from the free agent market, so decent trades will have to be made to help get this team built to contend. I also think Theo knows all of this, and hopefully he has some good news in the works!

And don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with giving the young guys in our system a shot in the outfield and at third base as well rather than spending or trading young talent. Pitching is the top priority in my mind.

Bob, I agree that SOMEBODY is profiting from Pat Hughes’ CD but I see nothing wrong with that as the profits MAY be utilized in some beneficial way down the road? For example, some proceeds (just guessin’ here so everybody relax…) might go to JDRF?
Or some other good causes? Even if it is only Mr. Hughes taking his portion of the profits and donating to some worthy cause? Again, that is his choice to do what he pleases with the money he yes, PROFITS (as if that’s a dirty word). I would think and hope that Mr. Hughes is indeed responsable for many donations to several worthy causes that would otherwise not have seen such donations if it were not for Mr. Hughes’ endeavors…to profit. Also, I agree with you that Santo is an immortal as you referred to with your Yankee comment, however, maybe the reason the Yankees don’t produce such CD’s is the fact they were not blessed with the immortal Ron Santo nor the very endearing team of Pat Hughes and Ron Santo! The Cubs past that Epstein needs to be concerned with is the terrible roster decisions by previous GM’s not the wonderful history of the “Pat and Ron Show”. Pat and Ron’s escapades would have been just as funny, heartwarming and genius even if the players on the field were good and the team was winning. Pat and Ron are not the culture that needs to be banished from the organization, it is the culture of NOT hustling and playing hard for a lousy 3 hours as Dale Sveum has stated in today’s paper.
Now….if Mr. Hughes plans a Keith Moreland CD…that’s en entirely different animal….

Is it just me, or did it sound like Sveum was speaking directly to Alfonso Soriano? Don’t get me wrong, he’s not the only one that had a problem hustling all the time, but he failed to give less than 75% effort more than any other player. I was at games on back-to-back days last season where Soriano would have reached base if he so much as jogged. The first day, the shortstop bobbled the ball deep in the hole, but Soriano started out walking and was thrown out by a half step, and man was he booed! The very next day, the short third baseman literally dropped the ball transferring it from his glove to his throwing hand, but again Soriano was walking to first to begin with and was thrown out by a step. Sadly, he was not even pulled from the game, but that did give him a chance to get booed every time he took the field or got up to bat the rest of the game. If a guy doesn’t even care enough to hustle the day after he made the same mistake and it cost his team, you certainly have a problem. It sounds like Sveum will not stand for this kind of thing, and that’s great to hear!

Shea, right on. Not to mention Soriano’s lack of hustle and the bad routes he takes in the outfield turning the opposition’s singles in to doubles almost routinely. We will see what Sveum is made of…is he a Mike Quade or a Bobby Cox? Any good manager would know to minimize Soriano’s presence on an NL team. Any GM worth his salt would realize that Soriano is best suited as a DH. We NOW have that GM but even Epstein will be hard pressed to rectify the Hendry blunders.

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