11/29 Pujols or Fielder? It’s up to Theo

The Cubs are reportedly in contact with agents for Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder, and while chairman Tom Ricketts would not comment on either, he said it’s not out of the question that the team would offer a long-term deal to anyone. That call, Ricketts said, is up to Theo Epstein, the Cubs president of baseball operations.

The Cubs are currently saddled with Alfonso Soriano’s deal, which will pay him $54 million over the next three years, and at least one more year for Carlos Zambrano, who is owed $18 million in 2012. Those contracts were done under former GM Jim Hendry. Asked if the Cubs would offer a mega deal to another player, Ricketts deferred to Epstein.

“Like I’ve always said, there is one person responsible for making those decisions, and one person accountable for those results,” Ricketts said Tuesday. “So if [Epstein] believes strongly that’s what’s in the best interests of the team, then he’s got my support.”

According to ESPN.com’s Jerry Crasnick, the Cubs have contacted Pujols agent to express their interest in the first baseman.
Crasnick said talks between the team and Pujols’ agent Dan Lozano are in the early stages. The Cardinals and Marlins are actively pursuing the three-time Most Valuable Player and nine-time All-Star. The Cardinals, Nationals and Marlins also are bidding for Pujols, and the Cubs’ alleged involvement may simply be one way to drive up his price.

FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal and Jon Morosi reported Tuesday the Cubs were interested in both Pujols and Fielder, a favorite of new manager Dale Sveum. FOX Sports said restrictions on amateur spending will make it more difficult to build through the Draft, something Epstein wants to do in Chicago, which is why they are pursuing Pujols and Fielder.

— Carrie Muskat


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Carrie when people ask you questions or give their opinions you never give them hope. Someone will ask you what about the cubs signing fielder or pujols. You just write quotes the Dale says and then say its not realistic. Its funny how you say that and every other writer thinks they are one of the teams persuing him. Oh and guess what today they finally are. Someone ask you why cant the cubs ship soriano and money to another team. You say” That is alot of ifs and most likely not going to happen. THEY WILL GET RID OF HIM THIS YEAR AND EAT PROLLY ALL OF THE MONEY. Its not that soriano is horrible. He cant play the field. Tony campana is prolly more valuable to the cubs then soriano. Sure his stats look ok but his terrible at defense and only hits his homeruns when they are up alot or down alot. Im not say Campana should start im just saying he would be more valuable there then sory. He would play better defense and generate more runs. So instead of saying” its alot of ifs and it prolly wont happen” just say Im sure Theo is going to try to find a suitable trade partner if not we will have to deal with. He will be gone. Its is just plain stupidity if he is a cub next year. I understand he is an investment but those go bad all the time and people just bit the bullet on it sometimes. Last year I asked why wouldnt the cubs go after greinke and you told me that the cubs werent going to take on all the money and give up there prize prospects. Well they got garza who makes 3 mil less or so. Just dont think evey cub fan is wishfulthinking. Some of the post make no sense but some are reasonable questions and you just are negative.

I’m sure Theo is going to try to find a suitable trade partner for Soriano, and if he does, he’ll be a genius.

Theo has nothing to lose with this fan base. He can trade Soriano or release him and we fans will look at him as a genius….with guts.

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