12/2 Could Ian Stewart be next Cubs 3B?

The Cubs’ pursuit of a third baseman may lead them to Colorado. The Denver Post reports the Cubs are interested in Ian Stewart, and the Rockies have asked for versatile infielder Blake DeWitt in return. A left-handed hitter, Stewart battled injuries in 2011, and batted .156 in 48 games with the Rockies. He was the Rockies’ starting third baseman to begin the season but suffered a season-ending wrist injury at Triple-A Colorado Springs on Aug. 4 but took part in instructional league in the fall. He has a career .236 average with 54 homers and 187 RBIs. A first-round pick in 2003, Stewart also injured his wrist in the Arizona Fall League in ’05.

— Carrie Muskat


Haha that was my response as well. This certainly doesn’t bother me because I don’t see Blake DeWitt as part of the bigger picture for the Cubs. It does make me wonder if they’re thinking about trying out some of the youth at third base and want someone with a little experience to fall back on, or if they’re simply looking at Stewart as a bench player much as DeWitt was with the team. If so, Stewart is a career .229 in pinch hitting roles while DeWitt is a career .235 pinch hitter, so not much of a change there. I do hope that this is not the final plan for third base because I would much rather have youth or a more solid veteran taking up that place in the lineup.

He is a much better hitter against righties. I say platoon, between him and Baker we would have a good 3rd baseman. With that and the kids, I don’t see another 3rd baseman for next year. That is if they get him…

Might as well just promote Vitters. If Vitters can’t hit the measley .229 or .235 of either Stewart or DeWitt we might as well find out in 2012 and then launch him. It’s about time we truly find out about Vitter’s Major League ability. Nothing to lose in 2012. Either way all these options do nothing to bring optimism to the third base positon. DeWitt can be traded for anybody and really wouldn’t be missed.

Stewart is better than DeWitt!

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