12/5 LaHair ready for next year

When Bryan LaHair comes to the plate in Venezuela, the fans chant, “Home run, home run.” He’s hoping to hear that at Wrigley Field next year. LaHair was at the Winter Meetings on Monday to receive an award but also took advantage of the time to chat with Cubs executives Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer at the Hilton Anatole.

“It’s a good feeling to put a face to the names and say hello,” LaHair said Monday.

The first baseman is currently playing for Magallanes in Venezuela after a long season in which he hit a franchise record 38 homers for Triple-A Iowa. This winter, he hit six homers in his first seven games in Venezuela, but has only hit two since, including one off Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano.

“That was fun,” LaHair said. “I talked to [Zambrano] later on. He told me ‘Good job.’ He came right at me. He didn’t make any bones about it. He struck me out looking the first time, but then I ran into his 3-1 fastball. That was fun. I got the king of Venezuela.

“He asked me when I was leaving [Venezuela],” LaHair said of Zambrano. “He looks good.”

LaHair also looked good this season at Iowa, winning the Pacific Coast League Most Valuable Player award after batting .331 with 109 RBIs. The Cubs have an opening at first base. They wouldn’t mind seeing LaHair duplicate what he did at Iowa in the big leagues.

“They didn’t make any promises,” LaHair said of his meeting with Epstein and Hoyer. “They want to give me an opportunity. It’s something I’m excited about.”

One thing Epstein did say was that he doesn’t believe there are career Minor Leaguers, which he called “4-A players.” LaHair turned 29 in November, and has 195 total at-bats in the Major Leagues.

“I’m real excited about the possibilities and what could happen next year and I’m hungry to be me in the big leagues,” he said.

So he isn’t too old?

“I think, if anything, I’m getting better each year,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat

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It would be difficult to explain if LaHair doesn’t get a chance to start at 1B next season.
(barring the signing of Fielder). He is after all, at the very least a viable and cost effective option considering his minor league season. Can one imagine if Josh Vitters had similar numbers and he too was dismissed as an option for third base? Wouldn’t ANY team with a position as wide open as the Cubs’ at first base promote one OF THEIR OWN players after such a RECORD SETTING minor league season? It’s not as if the Cubs HAVE a Pujols or Fielder ALREADY IN PLACE. But for the love of Ron Santo the Cubs have promoted (and signed) far worse talent than LaHair in the past….save the dough at 1B with LaHair and put it into pitching, pitching, pitching.

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