12/6 Cubs bid for Pujols? Maybe, if less than 10 years

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Tuesday the Cubs have made a “qualifying bid” for free agent slugger Albert Pujols. That doesn’t mean the Cubs are offering a 10-year package, but they may have dangled a five-year deal which would include a no-trade clause. A 10-year mega contract is not likely because that does not doesn’t fit into what Theo Epstein has said he wants to do in Chicago. Epstein did meet with Pujols’ agent Dan Lozano on Monday, although Epstein said those discussions were more about pitcher Rodrigo Lopez. The Post-Dispatch says it confirmed the Cubs did submit a bid for Pujols. A Cubs official denied the reports. Jon Heyman of MLB Network says the Cubs are eyeing Prince Fielder more than Pujols. The Marlins and Cardinals have reportedly offered Pujols 10-year contracts.

— Carrie Muskat


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8 years @ 111 million, that must be a typo?
you mean 8 and 211?

Wasn’t Pujols offer from the Cardinals over $200 million?

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Pujols + Cubs = HENDRY. DON’T DO IT THEO!!!!

Yeah that’s definitely not right, I had heard the actual numbers were 8 years and slightly under $200 million. Somewhere between $23.5-$24.5 million per year.

Don’t you think a professional write, aka C. Muskat would be able to proof-read the garbage that comes out of her computer?

Don’t you think a smartass commenter should proofread his comment before commenting “Don’t you think a professional write”?

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idk why some of you think Theo won’t make mega deals… he did in Boston… Theo just evaluates his decisions more than Hendry… I don’t mind us giving Pujols or Fielder what they want but we need to have a plan as an organization to build around them and win… quit being scared about spending big money the Cubs aren’t a small market team! We can handle anything the market throws at us. We just got to make the move with a plan and execute it

I for one am not scared of either the Ricketts spending THEIR money or the ticket buying fans’ money. Nor am I SCARED of Pujols being a Cub. I am however concerned for the long term plan being derailed by yet another aging superstar with diminishing defensive skills and atthleticism. I suppose the plan to go along with with signing Pujols at his age and for 5 or more years would be to somehow get the NL to adopt the DH. Other than that I see no reason to go get Pujols over the younger Fielder. If Pujols is our first baseman for 2012 I’m sure we’ll win a lot more games than 2011, enough to win the World Series? Possible, but doubtful with the pitching the way it is currently set up. I still would favor a couple of big name, high salary (spending as much as the Cubs want, not scared and don’t care about the money) aces on the mound with a rookie at 1B (LaHair) or another young player with potential. Pujols doesn’t make sense at more than 4-5 years. Let’s at first get rid of the albatross in left field before we sign Albatross Pujols.

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