12/7 Cubs, Rockies talk about possible deal

The Cubs and Rockies are reportedly talking about a trade in which third baseman Ian Stewart would go to Chicago in exchange for outfielder Tyler Colvin. Such a swap would make sense for both teams. Stewart, 26, batted .156 in 48 games with the Rockies, and .275 with 14 homers and 10 doubles in 45 games with Triple-A Colorado Springs. In August 2007, he was called up to the Rockies when Jeff Baker had to go on the DL. Stewart made his Major League debut on the day he was called up, Aug. 11, and hit a grand slam 10 days later for his first home run. This year, he got off to a rough start this year, and was sent down to Triple-A on April 19. Colvin, 26, batted .150 in 80 games with the Cubs and hit six homers and drove in 20 runs. In 2010, he hit .254 with 20 homers, 18 doubles and 56 RBIs. A change of scenery may be good for both players.

— Carrie Muskat


We already have some AAA third base candidates. If Colvin hits well in the spring, he might be more valuable for someone who has a third baseman who can hit. OR Find a shortstop and move the “ERROR MACHINE” to third.

So…both young players show promise, both sucked last year but ONLY ONE HIT TWENTY HOMERS IN THE MAJORS. I agree with Jim. Is Stewart somebody so far advanced over the current options on the roster that we should give up on Colvin already? Isn’t there anybody else out there that thinks it was the Cubs’ management (Quade/Hendry) that retarded (no pun intended) Colvin’s growth and development by clinging to the Fukodome sinking ship too long? What? isn’t Colvin a plan B for 1B in case Fielder goes elsewhere and LaHair bombs? I mean, we’re talking STEWART here.

I agree FISH. colvins broken bat injury was quite serious and the resulting pneumothorax did not allow him to participate at Camp Colvin in MESA very agressively. Being of slight build he needs the off season to regain weight and that was impossible right through spring training. Hope we do not give up on this great kid.

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