12/8 Cubs, Rangers reportedly talk re: Garza

ESPN reported late Wednesday the Cubs have talked to the Rangers about a possible deal involving pitcher Matt Garza. However, the price is likely very high. Theo Epstein has said Garza is the type of pitcher a team builds around. The Cubs sent five players to the Rays for Garza, including top prospects Chris Archer, Hak-Ju Lee and Robinson Chirinos. Early Thursday morning, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reported the Rangers are not confident about their chances of acquiring Garza, saying the Cubs’ asking price is too steep.

— Carrie Muskat


Hmmm…sounds to me that Epstein would have preferred to have the top prospects instead of Garza….Oh well, Hendry thought Garza was the magical missing ONE STINKING PLAYER to get the Cubs to the World Series…Oopsies, Jim, WRONG AGAIN. Now it appears that Epstein has to reverse the move of Hendry just to help the rebuilding process along. Gee, does this mean if we trade Garza no World Series in 2012?
Duh. I’ll take my chances with Epstein doing his thing, improving the team long term and still having at least a chance to get to the World Series in 2012 even without Garza. I like the open minded thinking approach by Epstein. It is so…NOT HENDRY.

I dont think Hendry could have predicted that Z and Dempster would suck so bad as they did last year. I still like Z. He has ability but needs to work harder. Dempster simply sucks. ( as does his Harry Carray impression )…
Now that Rangers lost CJ, maybe they bite for Garza to replace him.

dude joey… we get it… hendry has handcuffed us…. seriously tho get over it… trading Garza for spects or keeping him for another year or 2 isn’t going to help or hurt this team. Garza is not the problem and actually was a good trade. Where are those spects now? Still in the minors? yep! Which one of the would have helped this team? hmmm I don’t think any of them… Getting rid of Soriano and possibly Z would be the biggest help

If neither keeping Garza or trading for prospects helps this team, why did Hendry trade for Garza to begin with? I’ll give Theo a lot more benefit of the doubt on this one. Trading Garza for prospects may or may not help or hurt the team in 2012 but Epstein sure thinks that trading Garza will help the future, something Hendry never considered and it’s about time somebody acknowledges that time is a better ingredient in building a winning club rather than miscast free agents of the day. I’ll get over Hendry when Soriano is gone, the festering wound Hendry left us with, oh yeah, and of course the ownership that FORCED THE GENERAL MANAGER INTO BUYING ONE OF SORIANO. I forget sometimes, it wasn’t Hendry’s fault..yada, yada, yada. See? I’m over it already…. But, it is nice to have people be on board with the fact that Hendry handcuffed us.

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