12/8 What if Pujols leaves NL Central?

There are reports Albert Pujols has left the NL Central and the Cardinals and has signed a 10-year, $250 million deal with the Angels. Cubs GM Jed Hoyer did not want to talk about Pujols until it was done:
“I’ll comment on that when it’s official — I’d be foolish to jump the gun,” Hoyer said Thursday.
Theo Epstein, Cubs president of baseball operations, also wanted to defer comment until the Pujols deal was done:
“I’ll just say, if he left, it’d probably be a good thing for us in terms of developing young pitching,” Epstein said Wednesday. “You get a young pitcher up there and he’s working on his third pitch and working on his fastball command and you tell him to get ahead strike one and all of a sudden, instead of a Triple-A hitter he’s got Albert Pujols there and it leaves the yard 420 to right center field and it’s not good for his confidence.”
— Carrie Muskat


No more “what if”…that NL Central landscape has definitely been changed.

Addition by subtraction. THANK YOU ANGELS!!

The not only took Albert Pujols out of the NL Central, but out of the National League for us…and let’s not forget, they kept CJ Wilson from coming to the National League as another tough lefty, which the Cubs have struggled against. That may not be as big of a deal as Pujols, but I’m still thankful for it!

I see….now if only Soriano would retire….

Haha amen to that. Soriano just proves Pujols’ move is even smarter; as Pujols reaches the end of his contract, he will be able to DH, we however do not have that luxury with Soriano.

Really? No DH on our team? Hmmm..well then which GM in his right mind would ever sign Soriano to an 8 year….oh.

Alfonso Soriano: Cubs, 8 years, $136 millionOnce traded for Alex Rodriguez, Soriano cashed in big-time, too. The Cubs signed him after the 2006 season, hoping he would be the centerpiece of a new era of success. Soriano did help the Cubs to the postseason in his first seasons in Chicago, but declining offensive numbers have only served to spotlight his defensive ineptitude and indifferent attitude. The Cubs have tried to move him but have yet to find a taker for the rest of that contract.
Bottom line: Not worth it.


Well if you guys look into the future a little you will see more interleague games with the whole realignment issue…. it could be possible to keep Soriano off the field even more and DH’in… I don’t think anyone really knows what the schedules will look like but the main idea is to see MORE interleague games. Which I believe is a way MLB could level the playing field with the whole DH issue… more interleague games means more DH for National and less DH for AL… it the path MLB is going… think about it

Ironically, if things stayed exactly how they are right now, the Cubs improved their team most in the NL Central without doing anything. The Cardinals and Brewers both lost their first baseman and arguably two of the best power hitters in baseball, while the Cubs only lost Pena, which I believe improves our team even if it is just LaHair that’s inserted at first base. I don’t think this changes the pecking order in the NL Central at all as I still think the Brewers and Cardinals are at the top, I’m just saying we had addition by subtraction and they had subtraction by subtraction possibly narrowing that gap.

Shea you are absolutley correct, the Cubs were so bad last year that the only way to get closer to the teams ahead of us is by the teams ahead of us getting worse…huh? Well, you are correct. It’s sad but true. But Petrey brings up a good point, there may be hope that a wiser manager than Quade will take advantage of the interleague games and DH Soriano….sooooo….there may be a few more games we don’t have a sucky left fielder running around in circles, just swinging at terrible pitches. Hey, we’ll take what’s given. This should all be moot by mid-season don’t you think? As I believe Epstein will work feverishly to remove Soriano from the team because he certainly doesn’t fit the mold espoused by Epstein nor embraced by Sveum. This is so much better than last winter! Epstein and Hoyer replacing Hendry, Sveum replacing Quade, DeJesus replacing Fooladummy, Pujols and Fielder (hopefully) gone from our division and more to come! The stars may be aligning as we type…

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