12/9 Stewart looking forward to playing every day

The Cubs feel Ian Stewart will benefit from a change in scenery. Stewart didn’t exactly agree. The third baseman, acquired Thursday night from the Rockies in a four-player deal, split the 2011 season between the Rockies and Triple-A Colorado Springs. He batted .156 with six doubles in 48 games with the Rockies and hit .275 with 14 home runs and 42 RBIs in 45 games in the Minor Leagues. His season ended in August because of a wrist injury.

“I’m not trying to make excuses for the poor season I had, but injuries do play a part on a guy’s season and how ready they are for the season to start and how things go throughout the season,” Stewart said Friday.

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer said they had targeted Stewart, 26, from the start of the offseason. So, does he need a change of scenery?

“I always felt I fit in great with the Rockies,” Stewart said. “It just didn’t seem like I was given the best opportunity to play. With this situation now with Aramis Ramirez being gone and one of the guys who had a chance to play third being in this trade to go to Colorado and that spot being open, I think it gives me a great opportunity to come in and be that everyday third baseman and get those 500 to 600 at-bats that I need to be successful.

“Change of scenery, I don’t know, but I think in the long run, being in a spot where I’m going to be able to play every day, I think will be the best thing for me,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat


Not being given the best opportunity. He’s lucky Hendry and Quade are gone.
Ironic that the two guys traded will probably be given a better opportunity with the Rockies than they would have ever had with the Cubs. Not crying over spilled milk as the two ex-Cubs were not tearing it up so all in all we can hang our hat on this deal and expect some more things to happen that will improve the team way more than this deal.

So we’re down to filling the 1b opening and finding some more starting pitching. And maybe trading Soto and signing a new catcher. And adding to the relief pitching, including re-signing Kerry Wood. Or maybe re-signing Carlos Pena to close the 1b opening. And really deciding if Darwin Barney belongs at 2b or should be switched with Castro at ss, or traded or… And signing Reed Johnson for defense outfielder in the late innings.
Yup, almost done. Then we can decide if DeWitt is worth keeping and, if so, where to play him and his AAAA skills.
It’s still going to be a long offseason. Maybe signing a certain overweight slugging 1b would make it shorter. Maybe dumping an incompetent LF would help even more.

Since the cubs are looking for inexpensive guys who need a change of scenery. How about Dontrelle Willis (Reds), Chris Young (Mets) and Brad Hawpe (Padres). All our inexpensive, fill needs and they could be home runs with a “change of scenery.”

Yeah seems like a great addition at 3rd base after tearing it up in Colorado batting .156! Must be getting tougher to hit out there-but at least we got rid of a .150 hitter so that’s a plus. This team is going nowhere-why not give LaHair a chance of playing everyday and see what he can do-what do we have to lose…if they finish only 10 games under that will be an improvement!

This should turn out to be another good defensive upgrade for the Cubs. Stewart was a decent hitter before the injury, and now that he’s had time to heal completely, he should benefit from a change of scenery that includes a different, established hitting coach and the pressure of playing for a manager that should (will?) hold players accountable (unlike Quade). That doesn’t mean he’ll put out offensive numbers like Aramis, but the Cubs need to get solid defensively since they were the worst in the Majors.

Johnny, I agree about the need for some defense at 3B and Stewart will bring stability if he indeed does hit at least .250, if not he’s just another number. I have to wonder if Epstein was willing to give up two young, promising players to get Stewart why wouldn’t he be willing to give up nothing in order to “get” LaHair” at 1B? After all, LaHair had the best AAA season in the minor leagues whereas Stewart had a horrible season. Oh well, if Eptstein goes out and gets Fielder I can see LaHair taking a back seat but if not….it appears that petrey will see more than my comments next year regarding Stewart at 3B and player to be named at 1B. Looks like I’m not alone after all regarding some of these early “benefit of the doubt” moves by Theo Not Hendry Epstein and Jed Not Hendry Hoyer. So far nothing and nobody of great significance was given up so I’m still optimistic about what the new guys see in Stewart.

guys lets please stop saying the name Pena… it should be considered illegal in a Cub comment… I am fine with Stewart because we have no other options out there. So we gave up what? 2 young guys that weren’t cutting it… BIG DEAL! That’s exactly what the farm system is there for… assets to acquire other assets. Build thru the farm system? Ok we used our farm system to upgrade a position of need… end of story. You guys no the saying “can’t polish a turd” right? Well basically that’s our farm system right now. Stewart is 26 has battled some injuries and needs another chance to prove himself. Right now its a fine pick up… could turn out to be better or worse depending on his year. What we absolutely HAVE to do now is get a good quality SP and FIELDER! Fielder needs to be on this team for the next 6-7 years… who on this team is going to produce runs? Castro? OK him and who? exactly… PLEASE GET FIELDER NOW!!

Petrey10…you won me over! …for now, right?🙂

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