12/15 Could Prince join Cubs?

New Cubs manager Dale Sveum has made it no secret about how much he likes Prince Fielder. Could the free agent slugger come to Chicago? Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com and Jerry Crasnick of ESPN.com both think the Cubs are in the mix in the bidding for Fielder. However, Fielder, 27, and his agent, Scott Boras, are reportedly looking for a 10-year deal close to the $254 million that Albert Pujols received. That kind of contract does not appear to fit what Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have said they want to do in Chicago. The Blue Jays and Mariners also are reportedly interested in Fielder. He’s a career .282 hitter, and has averaged 38 homers over the last six years. Fielder has a .298 average at Wrigley Field with 11 home runs and 15 doubles.

The Cubs’ obligations payroll-wise beyond 2012 include $38 million for two more years to Alfonso Soriano and $9.8 million owed Carlos Marmol in 2013. If the Cubs could get Fielder to defer money the way in the first year of his deal the Brewers did with Aramis Ramirez’s contract, it would might be possible. Should the Cubs sign Fielder? What do you think?

— Carrie Muskat


No — they should not sign him. Too much money and he wants too long a for too little production. He’s not a perennial .300+ hitter like Pujols, and he’s another (like Soriano) defensive liability. Money would be better spent elsewhere.

Got to try to get him to agree for less years, maybe incentives after 7 years, if he’s still performing, three more years kick in.

Yup, IF they’re going to sign him, it can’t be for more than 6 or 7 years. Still, I’d be happier with pitching.

We’d be nuts to not go after him, who’s our power hitter for the foreseeable future? That’s right no one. He’s 27 yrs old if we are building towards a winner why wouldn’t he be included as a cornerstone to build around? Everyone loves to act like Fielder is a dime a dozen hitter and player are you kidding me? He’ll be producing until age 34 at the least, I do agree though NO 10 yr deal with him but a 7 yr deal oh I would definitely do that. So when we are ready to make a run in a couple years he’s still in his prime.

We do need pitching but only way we are upgrading there is via trade and without a stacked farm system we don’t have the pieces to acquire quality pitching, our last chance was with Yu Darvish and we’ve most likely been out bidded for the right to talk to him and get a contract done.

So with that being said going after Fielder is a no brainer. Money is off the books already and more coming off next offseason, to get talent you will have to pay for talent going cheap is not going to get us any closer to a World Series.

Give LaHair a chance. I’m betting that his numbers over the next 3 years will be very similar to Fielder’s and his glove is on par with Fielders. If Fielder falls short of his past performance, his contract will be a bigger anchor on the Cubs than Sorriano’s. Plus the Cubs have 3 other promising power hitting 1B prospects below LaHair.

please tell me you are kidding…. comparable to Fielder’s? Wow dude… seriously you need to realize what Prince has done the last 6 years… WITHOUT PEDs…and what 3 promising 1B prospects do you speak of? I am telling you there are no promising 1B specs that are within 4 years AT LEAST of smelling the ML

Absolutely sign Fielder but his price has to come down

Fielder hit .298 at Wrigley because he was facing Cubs pitching. I would be in favor of signing Fielder if we get to play ten at a time. One would be behind Fielder to catch throws from our shortstop and others. Otherwise, give one of the kids an opportunity to come through. We have waited 103 years and are the joke of baseball; so why not let Seattle have him to compete with the Angels.

Its great to see that Theo and Co had a paln for the future and now. If they can get Fielder, Darvis from japan and one of the top south american players, a certain outfielder and/or infielder and kept our minors in tact, he will have done an amazing job and as usual, nobody saw any of this coming, lets see what he can pull off, now that the picture is becoming clearer. Go Cubs, I am finally getting excited about the upcoming season, please Theo, don’t dissapoint me, I have been a Cub faithful for over 50 years and I believe in you.

I’m trying to be patient but this is long overdo. Too bad it couldn’t have been done during Ronnie’s time. Not Woo-woo… I mean Santo.

Since we are in the holiday season, it would be great to find Fielder under the tree. He would add some pop to a currently weak lineup. Unfortunately, without the pitching it won’t mean anything. The Cubs pitching right now is mediocre at best. Also, the long term contract that Fielder is looking for only makes sense for an AL team that can eventually convert him to a DH. I don’t think anyone believes he will still be playing first in 8-10 years.

Yall need to stop talking about Fielder, he is not coming to the Cubs. It goes against Theos long term plan. Stick with the youth movement and add FA’s as money loosens up. We’re just going to have to ride the storm out.

Theo will spend big money, what he doesn’t want to do is harm his minor league teams. The Cubs will get Fielder for 5-7 years at $25 million per year or so. They have also put in a bid for Darvish and for the kids down in South America. None of these players cost us prospects and keep us within our budget, as well as we will still be dumping some salary still with some other players. Theo you have a great plan.

Prince Fielder…. durable? check… Power? CHECK!….perenial All star? check… servicable defense? CHECK……. good clubhouse guy? check… leader? check… winner? check… decent average? check…

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