12/16 Sveum on Prince: “It’s the media talking”

Cubs manager Dale Sveum hasn’t been asked to recruit free agent Prince Fielder and denied that the team was involved in the free agent slugger.

“At this point, I think it’s a lot of media talking more than us doing anything,” Sveum said Friday. “We haven’t had any talks with Prince and I haven’t had any conversations with him. It’s more the media and other people bringing this to the table than what we’re doing. We haven’t initiated any kind of contact at all. That’s the media bringing it out right now.”

— Carrie Muskat


give me coco crisp over fielder any day! on base percentage, stolen bases and defense is what gives you a chance

soooo how does coco score when he gets on? who is your run producer?? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Coco Crisp over a possible future HOF (if he keeps up the pace)… seriously wow!!

o and BTW Prince has a MUCH MUCH higher OBP for his career…prince is also more durable….and prince has a .001 higher CAREER FLD%… so Coco is faster and doesn’t field their respective positions better and does even come close to getting on base as much as Fielder….. hmmmmm maybe do some research before you run ur mouth

take it easy hot shot. Im talking value and yes, defense. if your a first baseman you had better have a stellar fielding percentage! defense and pitching are what wins championships and with fielder money you can afford to do both, as well as putting runners in scoring position. Lets set up for a big inning instead of shelling out huge bucks for the solo home run. Good talk

Relax petrey, no need to get confrontational. I do hope we get Fielder though. Currently our only reliable power is Soriano’s 25 HR’s…

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