12/22 Corpas to sign with Cubs

The Cubs have agreed to a one-year, Major League deal with reliever Manny Corpas. The right-hander was in Chicago on Thursday to undergo a physical. The team was expected to make an announcement soon.

Corpas, 29, last pitched in the Majors in 2010 with the Rockies. He underwent Tommy John surgery that year and the Rangers signed him to a Minor League contract in April. He pitched in the instructional league and played winter ball in Panama.

Corpas has a 12-16 record and 3.93 ERA for his career, striking out 206 batters and walking 80 in 286 innings.  He is best known for his work during the Rockies’ run to the World Series in 2007, when he saved 19 games with a 2.08 ERA in 78 innings of work. He finished the 2007 postseason with five saves and a 0.87 ERA.

— Carrie Muskat


This is another questionable sign for me again. Losing Marshall opens up a relievers spot, but I was hoping for a prospect to fill that role like John Gaub or Scott Maine. A minor league deal would have made more sense to me, and now it looks like the cubs only have 2 more openings on the 40 man roster. Corpas does have talent and this could be a diamond in the rough, but again it is all left to chance.

O wow, I say O wow, another blockbuster signing. Meanwhile Fielder remains unsigned and available, but once again we see THE NEW CUBS are just as lost as the old Cubs.

Did I miss something? Did Theo Sign Milton Bradley? Carlos Silva? What????

geez theo seriously can we get back to improving this team? O wait I got a good idea lets trade away all our good players so we can get spects back!!! YA YA then our minor league teams will at least be competitive. Who cares about the ML team named the Cubs……. o ya and lets let a team in our division get better with our good players…. only makes sense

So we have traded Marshall (my co-favourite cub with Reed) who earns $3m for a starter and 2 plus prospects and will replace him partly with a guy with potential rebound on $1m… in a year we won’t compete this is exactly what we should be doing. if Corpas rebounds we may get a further plus/midlevel prospect at the trade deadline.

this is what competent GMing is about – not the woeful days of Hapless Hendry… any of you who expected otherwise are kidding yourselves.

we are blowing up this relic and rebuilding. Hallelujah!

The future is bright, the future is Epstein…

“The Cubs have never had the guts to completely blow up their roster and build it the right way,” an unnamed NL executive tells Kaplan. “They have to have a plan for sustained success instead of always trying to patchwork a roster for a surprising season.”
Above indictment of the “Hendry way” from MLB Trade Rumors

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