12/24 Happy holidays

Thanks to all who click on Cubs.com. Best wishes for the holidays, and here’s to a happy, healthy, prosperous and winning 2012.

Carrie Muskat


I won’t wish you Happy Holidays, but I will wish you a Very Merry CHRISTmas.

While I celebrate Christmas, I respect that not everyone celebrates the same religion thanks to our freedom of religion and I hope EVERYONE has a happy holidays as well!

Have a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for keeping us informed with all the Cub news.

I don’t mind anybody wishing me goodness and best wishes from any angle. I understand the meaning coming from the well-wisher as he/she celebrates THEIR special, religous holiday and would like to share their joy. If it’s it happiness during the “holidays” from non-believers…well…It’s all good. So Merry Christmas and Happy NEW YEAR!!!

Any chance Cubs & Sox trade bad contracts? Say Soriano and some cash for Dunn? Cubs could use a stiff a 1st base for a couple seasons and maybe Dunn could find his HR swing while taking aim at Waveland? Soriano would be an upgrade at DH and I think a change in scenary could help both players and teams.

Don’t the Sox already have better options for DH than Soriano? Including Quentin?
The Cubs would be better off trading a bad contract for NOTHING. Eat Soriano’s money and NOT waste the opening at 1B with Dunn and let LaHair handle the job for a couple of years taking aim at Waveland. Bradley for Silva, been there DUNN that.

“Eat the contract” Famous saying of former GM Dallas Green

What contract(s) did Green have to eat? Not Mathews’, Dernier’s, Bowa’s or Sandberg’s. Curious, did Green coin the phrase?

Can’t really recall the player Green was talking about when he first made that comment, but he was refering to a player who didn’t live up the expectations. Maybe someone else who was also a Cub fan in the early 80’s can remember who Dallas was talking about. At the time I remember he ould rather get rid of the guy, and pay him the remainder then keep him on the roster, taking up space. It’s what Theo may hav to do with Sorry-O-No!.

what do you think do you ever see bringing back billy petrick who is now pitching for the joliet slammers

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