12/28 Small fire at Wrigley extinguished

A small electrical fire at Wrigley Field was quickly extinguished Wednesday. The Chicago Fire Department received a call at 6:30 a.m. CT, and one hour later, fire fighters had packed their gear, department spokesman Will Knight told the Chicago Tribune. The fire was in an office at the ballpark at 1060 W. Addison Street. No injuries were reported.

— Carrie Muskat


JUST LET IT BURN!!!!! Its the only way we are going to get a new stadium…

Can’t knock down Wrigley field, Former Mayor Shortround (Dicky Daley) a stinkin Sox fan had it delcared a landmark, thus prohibiting any such move. The Dickless one, would probably still use his corupt influence to prevent the Cubs from bulding any where else in the city.

i didn’t say knock it down…. i said let it BURN down… fire doesn’t care if the site is a historic landmark or not….

How about a nice “Hall Of Fame/Feild Of Dreams” at Clark and Addison and a new “Wrigley Field” in the western burbs with LOTS of parking, access…etc. Right, let’s spend the Ricketts’ money!!! (Daley….yeesh!)

Damn! Here we are still in the middle of Happy Festivus season and my buds are trying to burn down Wrigley.

I would never want to see WF burn…maybe relocated or replicated in a more spacious and accessable area..unless of course Soriano’s contract would burn with it? Nah, Wrigley Field forever!

you are crazy man… how do you think wrigley is going to ever get renovated, or replicated? You think they are going to allow a historic site to be totally gutted and updated? I don’t…… if chicago wants to keep Wrigley let them fricken buy the Cubs a new stadium. If Yankee Stadium can be destroyed and a new stadium built then so can Wrigley… you wanna talk about history just think about the history of Yankee Stadium……. wow! O and look no one cares its gone… DUH! BUILD IT and they will come

You would think BY NOW petrey you would know when I’m just havin’ some fun…but you are correct about one thing…I am crazy.

I hope it was the building with Soriano’s contract in it…

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