12/30 Buckner new Boise hitting coach

Bill Buckner is back with the Cubs. Buckner, 62, was named the Class A Boise hitting coach on Friday. He returned to coaching last season as the manager of the Brockton Rox, leading the team to a 51-42 record in the independent CanAm League. Buckner replaces Desi Wilson, who was named the hitting coach for the Cubs’ Class A Daytona team.

Buckner rejoins the Cubs for the first time since playing for the big league team from 1977-84. He won the 1980 National League batting crown and earned a spot in the 1981 All-Star Game. A 22-year veteran, he was the White Sox’s hitting coach in 1996 and ’97, and also was a hitting coach in the Blue Jays Minor League system. Buckner played for the Dodgers, Cubs, Red Sox, Angels, and Royals, hitting .289 with 174 career home runs and 1,208 RBIs. He played in two World Series: 1974 with the Dodgers and 1986 with the Red Sox.

— Carrie Muskat


We are so lucky to have Buckner at this level. Here is a guy with 22 yrs of MLB who was a terrific all around player. H e knew how to cover the plate, take pitches, and then rake with the best. Un-fortunately his ankle injury was so severe that he literally had to drag his extremity around the bases. Played with chronic pain. difficult to rtemember any athlete who accomplished so much with that serious injury. welcome Bill!

Buckner flat out KNEW HOW TO HIT. Did Jaramillo? Hmmm….can’t really recall Jaramillo’s stellar major league hitting career. Hendry must have just ASSumed Jaramillo “was the guy” to get that year because A. he was desperate to turn Sorinao’s ear into a silk purse and B. Jaramillo was the “free agent superstar available”. More like a paper bag that the team is left holding. After all without Jaramillo Alex Rodriguez would have been the next…uh…uh…Gary Scott. Right. I think Rudy might be a little nervous… Maybe they can send Vitters down to Boise for a season of BILLY BALL!!

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